Kraft/Nabisco Championship – Round Two

March 30, 2012

Went to the course for a bit then met my buddy Mark for lunch before we punched-out a few targets.

While warming up for the pro-am on Wednesday, Cristie Kerr was introduced to one of the amateurs and was informed he was the play-by-play man for the Anaheim Angels. She shook his hand and greeted him with “Oh yeah, my husband played hockey for a few years .” She was then reminded it was baseball and was truly embarrassed. But to her credit, CK was still laughing at her faux pas minutes later and couldn’t believe she said that.

The Child Development truck has an oil pressure gage that’s fluctuating wildly. With no authorized service center in the area, a local technician, known affectionately as “Fidel Castro”, was asked to make a service call earlier in the week but an unforeseen menace put the kibosh on that idea. A swarm of bees decided to nest on the driver’s door and no way Fidel was going anywhere near that truck. His last encounter with bees cost him four grand. He’s allergic and had to be rushed to the hospital after being stung. As with all house calls though, remittance was required for his appearance. Another attempt was set for today.

We were circulating stories of Big Mama when Hound Dog recalled a beauty. Many years ago, when an event in the hinterlands of Vermont was on the schedule, he asked if she was going to play there at Stratton Mountain. “Gary,” she replied,while taking a drag from her omnipresent cigarette, “I don’t play any course with the word mountain in it.” That’s classic Carner.

For those interested in the first round play of Jee Young Lee, reports regarding her course management were not encouraging. Shot +6.

Song-Hee Kim had a decent round going yesterday until Oscar Brown paid a visit on the third hole. Actually, he knocked twice. Went from one under to plus four in a flash. Followed it with a double. That stretch turned into her own little Amen Corner.

Let me say this, Natalie Gulbis is one of the more personable pros out here. She came up to us yesterday to say hi and ask what we were up to. “Just talking about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.” said Gary. She rolled with it and gave a few jabs of her own. What a gem she is. Thirty more like her and this tour would have to beat the sponsors off with a stick.

Here’s a bit of trivia for you. If you compare the front and back nine, they would mirror each other according to the par on each hole.

Heard Lorena will be here for the weekend. That’s Ochoa to the unenlightened.

Saw a Hall of Famer go into player hospitality. Looks like the ban has been lifted but it’s a different story for the Mission Hills members. One hungry old gent tried his best to get past security to no avail. He even pointed to “his table” but all pleas to enter were rebuffed. Don’t think he was very happy. Have to give the guard credit. Very polite but firm.

The excrement is scheduled to hit the fan weather-wise starting Saturday with winds that could straighten the pleats in your knickers.

Frank Thorpe aka “Mule”, is now bagging loops out of that great caddie shack in the sky. He was a regular on tour when I started and quite a character.

Smile +Martini glass= Smile with tongue out I’ll tell ya, ply me with a little alcohol and the giggles never end. Grand Marnier orange liquor is some fine s**t especially after a couple of glasses (they were minis) of Cabernet Sauvignon and no, I do not have a drinking problem.

Then there was this:

Kraft donates to FIND with mobile pantry

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