Kraft/Nabisco Championship – Round Three

Tseng, Kang, Seo, Ji, Kim, Choi, Yoo. What is the LPGA to do? Talking fan interest folks.

The effort to give the caddies a more professional look – donning them in the traditional white jumpsuits – didn’t work out as planned. Many had them zipped down as far as they could go yesterday and someone important must have taken notice. A directive requiring them to be zipped was posted in the caddie area this morning.

I guess $200 wasn’t enough to get me the winning Mega Millions ticket.Winking smile

I tried to look up former LPGA pro Lori Garbacz on the LPGA website. She wasn’t listed alphabetically so I used the search box. It came up with Nancy Lopez! Used Wikipedia instead. And another thing, the home page crashes my Chrome browser.

Laura Ammaccapane (Danielle’s daughter) will be on the Tonight Show to do a skit about the new “Hunger Games” movie. Watch for it Tuesday night.

Then there was this:

Poor putting causes Wie to miss cut at Kraft – Michelle was spotted talking to the Vision 54 folks at Big Horn today. Yeah, there’s a road she wants to go down. Next thing you know, she’ll be teeing it up in the Scientology Invitational and have Tom Cruise on speed dial.

LPGA chief Mike Whan optimistic on Kraft Nabisco Championship future

Nine issues in golf going into the Masters

‘Occupy the Masters.’ Or maybe not.


3 Responses to Kraft/Nabisco Championship – Round Three

  1. jrboca says:

    what this event needs is a gallery..I know all the old folks in PS take afternoon naps but the thurs and friday crowds were null and void. Its been that way since the Dinah was held during the gay and lesbian spring break days of the 80’s and 90’s. The course has been ruined by CCA..the bunkers all flatened, you can hit a 3 wood out of them now, you used to be penalized if you hit into one, especially off the tee. The only thing that keeps the scores from being Corning like is the wind and rough…rough is short this can you have a bad growing season in the desert..what, too much like a cost cutting maintenance issue..this event needs a makeover or a sponsor who really wants to be there. Kraft has cut back on celebrities, hospitality( Hall of famers couldn’t eat) Really!! Mike Whan has his hands full.

  2. Ozzy says:

    I bet if these Hall of Famers attended a PGA Major, they would be given and shown the respect that they have earned and entitled to recieve.

    Why would they not be provided with an “All Area” pass for any LPGA tournament that they attend, whether participating or just attending.

  3. lifeontour says:

    Laura’s skit was moved to Thursday.

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