Kraft/Nabisco Championship – Round Four

April 1, 2012

1st Major in the bag. Time for Spring Break.

Tweet from golf writer Ron Sirak. "I’ve had chili dogs longer than that missed putt by Kim." Well said Ron.

Unfortunately, I.K. will relive that putt many times. The look of disbelief as it spun out said it all.

Could have been one of the best caddie dives into the pond. It was a 10 all the way by Adam.

Coffee Joe made a killer meat loaf yesterday but it didn’t top his baked salmon from the day before. Smashed taters and asparagus for the sides. Eating good this week. Plenty of leftovers will satisfy my appetite until departure.

Then there was this:

PGA pros – not to mention senior duffers – could take lesson from Yani Tseng

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