Kraft/Nabisco Championship – Round Four

1st Major in the bag. Time for Spring Break.

Tweet from golf writer Ron Sirak. "I’ve had chili dogs longer than that missed putt by Kim." Well said Ron.

Unfortunately, I.K. will relive that putt many times. The look of disbelief as it spun out said it all.

Could have been one of the best caddie dives into the pond. It was a 10 all the way by Adam.

Coffee Joe made a killer meat loaf yesterday but it didn’t top his baked salmon from the day before. Smashed taters and asparagus for the sides. Eating good this week. Plenty of leftovers will satisfy my appetite until departure.

Then there was this:

PGA pros – not to mention senior duffers – could take lesson from Yani Tseng


4 Responses to Kraft/Nabisco Championship – Round Four

  1. Tommy G says:


    Persistance pays off.Look at Tommy Thorpe…He got a good bag, Good for Him, and I believe You will also…BTW who is Coffee Joe working for..Mule must have been pretty old when he passed…Goes to show you>>>>>

    See ya in Moble
    PS I will be there is I can get a few days off from the Electric Ed School of Golf and Dance

  2. Hey Tom, Tom T has bounced around for a few years and has had some good bags…the fact that sjodin finished 95th or so on the money list and has 2 good weeks doesn’t make it a good bag per se…I finished the year with her and she did not exhibit the same golf she is playing it the caddie? doubt it…Mule was up there in years and thats what happens to old people..they die…maybe not in destin, but eventually we all die, even if we go to the Electric Ed shool of Limo all the nationwide and foreign caddies on tour, us old timers will have a hard time getting jobs..experience means nothing to 20 yr olds and most of the old courses we play are gone, so no advantage to an experience caddie.

  3. Tommy G says:

    I hear you Bro…….Well said. Hopefully your guys will get lucky and get at least a top 10 along the way…
    Good luck from the D.H.F.C/////Destin Home for (used up) Caddies

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