Ready, Set, Time To Go

It was a case of bad timing if there ever was one. I went up to Soboba to try and snag a Nationwide bag but no luck. Came close twice. Heading east in the morning. Think I’ll try to get to Van Horn TX on the first leg. It’s a mere 800 miles or so. Rt. 90 to San Antonio may be my next move. Tired of seeing the same stretch of I-10.

I feel there’s something big waiting on the horizon. Hope it’s not the business end of a semi.

Then there was this:

Treasure of Golf’s Sad Past, Black Caddies Vanish in Era of Riches


13 Responses to Ready, Set, Time To Go

  1. Cougar says:

    Country Club gets mentioned in the news article.

  2. mike says:

    Facts are blacks don’t really play much golf, or caddie at the club level anymore! Why would a professional golfer hire someone who cannot help them? If Tiger got injured and couldn’t play then he would get a job as a caddie on pga tour… You have to bring something to the table or good luck to ya. And keeping a job is the hard part! PGA TOUR CADDIE

  3. Ego-Man says:

    When I work for a GREAT PLAYER I am a GREAT CADDY. When I work for an average player I am an average caddy, and when I work for a poor player I am a poor caddy. The best thing you can bring to the table is a GREAT PLAYER.

  4. mike, if you ever see tiger caddy please let us know…and you are telling a 29 year vet on the lpga that every caddy on the pga tour is a high calliber player…you need a reality check. If you think you can caddy, try working for women and see how long you can last..not hard to caddy when a guy hits a 7 iron 185 and ok, he’s in the rough lets hit 9 and hope it jumps. Men don’t hit a grip 9 or little 8, you should come out on the lpga and try your luck with all the other ex nationwide guys who can’t get work on the REAL tour.

    • mike says:

      Trust me man, I’ve caddied many lpga events, and five times more mens events. Just saying without caddy experience or being an ex player chances of getting hired are slim. I have also caddied for Thorpy in 2003 and a little in 2004 when Tony wasn’t on the bag and Thorpe’s own brother (who is a caddie) was relegated to watching outside the ropes! And Tony is still on the bag.. Fact is when Thorpe needed help he wanted an experienced caddie weather white or black. And (Frddy Harrison, aka “hop” who caddied for Floyd in 76 masters is a good friend and great caddie, but couldn’t cut it outside the walls of his home course.. And you think its hard caddieng for Women? Man is that fucked up! My player now hits a 9 iron anywhere from 120 to 170 depending on the shot, and that’s just 1 club. All you do for ladies is give them a number, and they hit the one shot they have period…

    • mike says:

      And last monday morning we had a little skins game, and Streelmans caddie fired like 62, Haas’s caddie and brother shot 63 and there were like 20 scores in the 60’s and the real money was in the skins game! Most of the guys out here caddieng can really play golf! That’s a fact!

  5. baffled says:

    if they are that good why are the carying the bag instead of having to hire a compatent caddy

    • the hoff says:

      ….it just shows how many good players are out there, TONS of guys on egolf, hooters and mini tours can shoot low 60’s in competitions it happens every mini tour event around the country, and barely any of them break even for the year “chasing the dream”, at-least caddying is a check guaranteed and guys with familys are might be more incline then chasing the dream and dropping 14,000 a year trying to get through QSCHOOL (entry fee and expenses for 3 stages) and losing money every year – I am siding with Mike on this, I played professional for 3 years and know hundreds of mini tour players in the same position. TRUST me.

  6. if they shoot so low, why are they caddies…by the way, men don’t carry plugs in the bag when they may act like they have periods but women get them, trust me. All you do for women is give them a number and they hit their one jest. Must have been awhile since you’ve caddie your numerous events on the lpga tour. Do you work for a guy who doesn;t carry a ydg book or even a pin sheet? Try working for players who stand next to a sprinkler head and don’t have a clue what the yardage is or the pin. Then line them up and if they miss the green dad comes over after the round and wants to know why his daughter hit the ball into the water! Obviously, you aimed them there. Ever tell your guy to hit a little 8, would be laughed at wouldn’t you? Then read every green while they stand there and wait for you to tell them the line, yeah working for the ladies and their one shot is way easy. It would be great to work on a tour with no cut, do you still get 200 cash and 2 dozen golf balls when you work on the champions tour? Or do you have to wait til your player brings his son or future wife out to keep the money in the family and screw his faithful tour caddy who has been waiting 20yrs for his guy to get out there and leave him high and dry aka piddler. I’ve never met a “tour” caddy who didn’t say..I’m just out here waiting for q school in the me a break! There are obviously caddies who can play..not denying that.

    • mike says:

      Maybe u should try the mens tour? We get perfect yardage for a full shot maybe 2-4 times a round! If you think men don’t grip down, hit three quarter shots then you are obviously not a golfer or have NEVER caddied on the PGA tour! When a PGA pro gets to a shot they have options on what to do, I have never told my player to smash the 8 as far and hi as you can! That would be just retarded

      • next thing you will state is that Kenny Harms is a good golfer, then I will know you are full of hot points are that “women only have one shot” is inaccurate and that women are much harder to work for then their male counterpoints. Caddying for either is not easy, never said it was…just because a pga caddie is a good player doesn’t mean he’s a good caddie. The player makes the caddie more then vice versa…and if any caddie thinks his player won because of him then they are in lala land. Its the one or two times a round when you are in the hunt that a good caddie can make a difference. If you disagree with that statement then you haven’t caddied very long.

      • Barbara says:

        I could be wrong, Jackiechan, but I seem to remember a few caddies here who thought that players win thanks to their caddies. Wonder what they all have to say about your comment.

  7. Barbara, my point is that Tiger, Phil, do you think that they could win with another caddy on the bag or just bones and Joe , who just won his first event with tiger at Bayhill. These guys could win with a pull cart…caddies play an important part but I doubt ANY caddie would ever say Tiger couldn’t have won without me. Barbara, like Ron White the comedian can’t cure stupid…you must watch the golf channel 24 hrs a day…lol….I know I work on the lowly lpga tour, but after 29 yrs out here, I think I have a little more insight about caddies and players then you might. Last time I looked, the players name was on the bag, not the caddies….If you put any caddie on the 125th players bag on any tour, would that player win because bones or Joe L were on that bag? If you have to think about that one then cease and desist.

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