Tour Wants Halt To Yardage Book War

From The Golfer Magazine by Michael Court.

The European Tour called on the Australian-born pair of Graeme Heinrich and Dion Stevens to work out a settlement in their dispute over the issue of yardage books to players, caddies and TV personnel.

David Garland, the director of tournament operations and former player Jamie Spence, who works as a liaison officer with the Tour, sat down with Heinrich and Stevens during the recent Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship.

Heinrich has been providing yardage books to players and caddies since 1990 whereas Stevens is relatively new to working on the Tour, taking a role three years ago after having previously provided books on the Ladies European Tour.

And while there is no denying that both are simply trying to make a living, the sight of both Australians ‘setting up shop’ each week at the entrance to clubhouses is seemingly a sore point with the Tour.

It is believed Garland asked both at the meeting to work out a compromise as neither wanted to back down. Heinrich was asked how many Race to Dubai tournaments he intends covering this year and he told Garland “30”. It is understood Stevens response to Garlands question was “all events”.

Therein lies the problem and unless the pair can come to some agreement it is believed Garland may step forward to make a decision where the pair would be approved by the Tour to issue yardage books on a week on and week off basis. Heinrich and Stevens were observed working the Emirates range, ahead of recent Omega Dubai Desert Classic, selling books to players  and caddies at 25Euro a book.

Them there was this:

Tiger’s display an embarrassment to game


5 Responses to Tour Wants Halt To Yardage Book War

  1. rich (arizona) says:

    I’m just catching up on your posts and wanted to make a comment regarding Natalie Gulbis. Obviously she attracts tons of attention for her looks but I always thought she went out of her way to try and be nice to everyone (which I’m sure isn’t always easy considering I bet she gets a number of less polite comments from some people).

    I’m not a big twitter person (probably have only posted 20 tweets) but I follow a number of people and travel sites. One day I asked Natalie a question regarding something she posted and was very surprised she gave me an answer.

    I also recalled an interview a number of years ago after she had come close to winning a tournament and the interviewer said something like “it didn’t seem to bother you too much because you were still smiling out there”. Natalie’s reply was “I may be smiling on the outside but that wasn’t how I was feeling on the inside”.

    Hopefully she will start getting more top tens like she did in the Kraft.

    The American players need to wake up this year. Only two in the top 10 in money and players such as Kerr and Creamer are not in the top 20.

  2. Ozzy says:

    Well done to the Writer of the article on Tiger. About time someone put what we already knew about Tiger and the different treatment he receives compared to other players.

    Most likely the Writer won’t get another interview with Tiger or Billy Payne.

  3. mike says:

    I really doubt ANYONE has ever said a nasty comment to Natalie! Where in the world would you figure that was the case? She gets treated like a queen from all caddies, galleries and most players.

  4. rich (arizona) says:

    “I really doubt ANYONE has ever said a nasty comment to Natalie! Where in the world would you figure that was the case? ”

    While that may be mostly true I base it on all of the bars/clubs and other places I’ve observed men treating women, especially very attractive ones. You get some very crude comments from guys, especially when alcohol gets involved. Throw in the typical jealousness that many women tend to have with sexy women and you also get some nasty comments from them as well.

    Obviously on a golf course it is usually a quieter place but I bet she has heard more than a few comments from men and women.

    • mike says:

      Not in the 8 years I have been caddieng out here has anyone not treated her with respect! And where do you think she hangs out? The local sports bar? At the frat house? Your basing it off nothing, and really makes no sense at all

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