Party Hardy

Two days of south Florida partiers has kept us busy. Silver Petron or Jack chased with a beer kept them well lubricated. Great bunch of guys.

The skeeters are nasty here. A very warm winter is the reason. Last year, nary a one could be seen.

Eight inches of rain fell the day before the Champions Tour event began at Fallen Oak a couple weeks ago. The first tee time was delayed until 2:30 in the afternoon but by Sunday, they were playing it down. Just shows what kind of drainage system a pile of money can buy.

The yardage book for the LPGA event in Hawaii was just a reprint which is causing quite a bit of confusion for the early arrivals. Some tees have been pushed back but the biggest bugaboo is the lack of numbers on the sprinklers. Finding reference points has been tough. To alleviate the situation, Rick "The Nerd" has been given license to paint the fairways as they do on the LET. White is 150 to the front and red is 100.

An opportunity to work the Symetra event in Sarasota did not materialize. There was a possibility I was getting set-up with a player but she never contacted me.

Then there was this:

John Daly sells souvenirs, aims for Masters return

John Daly Certifies Wings For Hooters Wing Eating Competition In Augusta

Choi Na-yeon to Promote Korean Navy

Grip It, Rip It, And No PGA Tour For Yani Tseng


4 Responses to Party Hardy

  1. bocajr says:

    Larry, no tees have been moved back since I was here 4 years ago..if anything 2 or 3 have been moved up…

  2. the hoff says:

    just another ill informed larry blog, not at the event and tries to tell people how it is…. wonder why people don’t hire you?

    • lifeontour says:

      To Mr. Perfect, I got the info from a phone call. Didn’t take notes Please give me a list of all the ill-informed blogs. Oh, forget it. I can see you’re a hater. No room for you here. Bye-bye.

  3. mike says:

    A couple tees have been moved up, and all the par 3’s are still up again! Larry was right in the fact the yardage book was dam near worthless, but someone has put in a lot of extra time on the sprinkler heads which I know I am greatly appreciative. Half the money from yardage book sales should go to whoever marked the course this week!

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