A Good Run

April 16, 2012

Went out early but no bites. Dined on turkey meatloaf for lunch then hit the road. A late call got me back to Fallen Oak for a four o’clock loop. We made it through the fourteenth hole before darkness brought us in.

Worked a Tampa twosome yesterday. That’s seven straight days on the links. Time for day of rest. Supposed to rain anyway.

The beverage cart was manned by a substitute today. It’s a fairly hefty vehicle and takes a bit of muscle to steer in low speed. Not being acquainted with this beast, the sub looked like she was participating in demolition derby while stocking her wares. We had to guide her out of the cart barn otherwise it wouldn’t have been pretty. But she is very hot so she’s got that goin’ for her.

Golf cart? I thought she’d be in the ring by now. More video links from the WrestleMania Pro-Am here.

Then there was this:

Volvik signs three-year partnership with Asian Tour to develop new tournament

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