Looping The Zurich

The Admiral and I caddied for some Beau regulars down in new Orleans yesterday. It was the pro-am at the PGA event at TPC Louisiana and run first class all the way. Every other tee had a food tent with fare prepared by local restaurateurs. Doing without sustenance since early morning, I started with half a dozen roasted oysters on the tenth tee (our first hole) and went on from there. Added some shrimp n’ grits, barbequed pulled pork and a bite of steak along the way. Passed on the pasta primavera. Still remember that Seinfeld episode. 🙂

We did have one snafu and it was regarding the parking. We didn’t have a parking pass and figured the public lot was our only option. Problem was, the signs were so vague, we were miles down the road before turning around. By the time we found it, a guard said it was moved to Sponsor Parking just outside the main entrance. D’oh! We made our tee time with only a couple minutes to spare.

Ran into former LPGA looper Mark "Greenvan" at the party tent afterward and popped a couple beers with him and his buddy "Alaskan Dave".

We were paired with PGA pro David Duval and the LPGA came up in a conversation during a short wait. David recalled tuning-in to the Match Play one day and a friend bet him he couldn’t name ten players on the LPGA Tour. "Sure I can," he replied, "Wie, Petterson, Gulbis, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim and Kim."

"Bambi", a looper who got his start o the LPGA Tour, is working for David.

Then there was this:

Donald Trump demands Scotland nix wind turbines near golf resort

Locals split over impact of Donald Trump’s golf course at Menie

Golf ball found in dead whale’s stomach – "Was it a Titleist?" – Kramer.

Ladies Masters? Some LPGA players would favor such an event


8 Responses to Looping The Zurich

  1. bocajr says:

    do you mean you passed the pasta primavera or passed on it..lol..remember Poppi was sloppy!

  2. Mark "Greenvan" Hamilton says:

    yeah i was very pleased to see my friends Smich and the Admiral. my start out there iis always is always brought back to mind when I see my old friends. The rest of you beloved caddies out on the LPGA whom have shaped my life, will always hold a very,very special place in my heart. GOD bless you all

  3. flmasochist says:


    The LPGA tried once before to start up a Ladies Masters. It was in 1976 and the Masters threatened to sue if the LPGA went ahead. Instead the tournament was named the Women’s International and was played at Moss Creek Plantation on Hilton Head Island.(You probably looped there) The tournament lasted till the mid 1985 before going kaput.

  4. Tommy G says:

    That’s where Sally Little got her 1st W, when she knocked it in from the Bunker…

  5. Tommy G says:

    Ahhhh Stroke it Natalie

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