Another Miss

Plenty of players but no takers. I policed the area to kill time. Many loopers, looking for something to do for the next month, want to come here but today is a perfect example of what can happen.

Worked a threesome Thursday. One was an eighty-two year lady who’s son was helping her walk. Drained the most putts in the group.

Thumbs up For the third year in a row, I had the $85 annual fee for my AAdavantage credit card waived. This time I just asked. Was first told they wouldn’t do it then was transferred to an account retention specialist on my insistence. She didn’t even balk. All that is necessary is to use it five times within the next three months. Piece of cake.

The conditioned air in my room is getting temperamental. Think it’s the thermostat. They wanted to move me but I refused. Would have been a step down and way too far to carry all my stuff. I’ll wait til after the weekend crowd moves out so something closer opens up. Wait a minute. Working perfectly right now.

Then there was this:

Pro golfer seeks prom date on Facebook

Annika Sorenstam would welcome membership at Augusta National

Q&A with LPGA commissioner Mike Whan

Pak sidelined indefinitely with shoulder injury


17 Responses to Another Miss

  1. mike says:

    Larry do you have any players or prospects lined up for June? Just wondering if your gonna continue to go to the tournaments in search of a bag? Working the pro am’s for an amatuer cannot be fun for a caddie with probably 500 plust tournaments as a pro caddie is it?

    • lifeontour says:

      Mike, why do you care? Life is unpredictable. One has to take it as you find it. Do you ever watch or read the news? Plenty of bad stuff out there. I consider myself fortunate. It’s all relative. You’re a glass half empty guy aren’t you? So sad.

      One of my most satisfying experiences was the Fresh and Easy Pro-Am when I helped the Chairman’s wife have one of her more memorable golf experiences. She was just beaming afterward. To me, that’s what life is all about. Took me awhile to realize that. How about you?

      • Barbara says:

        Wow Larry. Why are you attacking Mike like this so defensively? I don’t think he was attacking you by asking his questions.

      • lifeontour says:

        Not attacking, just telling it like I see it. The same way I write my blog. I answered his questions and I had one for him. Simple as that. He seems to focus too much on the negative.

  2. Ozz says:

    Is this the beginning of the tide turning, with the younger US players stepping up to the plate in Mobile.

    • ozzie and harriet..what tide turning? weak field, and 2 americans battling it out, a rare site yes…why not ask Mike Whan if that helps the lpga ? How long have we been waiting for americans to step up? Until american companies step up and sponsor domestic events, then the tour will continue to struggle in the US..plain and simple. 3 new events this year….australia nd hawaii have asian sponsors, canada is a canadian insurance co….Kingsmill is basically being sponsored by the lpga the first year….lets keep hoping for a turnaround.

  3. Tommy G says:

    Your turn Mike…I don’t think Mike was out of line

    • Awsi Dooger says:

      As an outsider, it read like an unnecessary dig to me.

    • mike says:

      Larry you can be as bitter as you want. I have been caddieng out here on lpga for more than 200 events from 2006 thru last week. And only 1 time have you even bothered to say hi to me or my player! We were even paired together twice and you had such an arrogant attitude it wasn’t even funny! Between you and Dina it was a very unpleasant being out their with the 2 of you. And I’m just wondering like everyone else why you still show up at the tourneys, is it too eat as much free food as you can? Can any caddie come in off the street and eat, or do you actually have a player? I mean you were in the clubhouse at Kraft, why?

      • mike san, if you were working for dina you might have had a sour attitude as

      • Ozz says:

        Mike, from what you just wrote, I’m confused as to why you asked the question about Larry and the prospects of caddying in the future if that is how you feel about him.

        Did you think that maybe Nancy Scranton or Karen Stupples that Larry looped for at Kraft, or another player invited Larry in to the Clubhouse. Sounds like you missed out.

  4. Tommy G says:

    Sounds like we have a “Sisuation” Here..
    What’s your take J

    • mike says:

      If you have a problem come find me, I am just speaking the facts!, I just took the job for CB on nationwide and am done caddieng for women anyways. I overheard the old caddies bitching about how you have to have an English accent to get a good job now days on tour? Its all the bitching and whining about how the tour used to be, and how it’s ruined now! Most of these girls are just kids, and if they wanted an old man on the bag then daddy would just carry it

      • mike says:

        I am done reading or commenting on your stupid blog anymore. I do appreciate the tournament info I have received from your site. And I wish you could get a bag, but the sour look on your face is priceless!

      • lifeontour says:

        Mike, the truth comes out. You had an agenda all the time and I knew it. See Barb, they were not innocent questions after all. That’s why I baited the hook with that dig. Give someone enough rope … Looks like there was a good reason I never said high. Some folks just have a bad aura. BTW, Ozz nailed it regarding the clubhouse.

        Mike, have you ever read the “Shadow Remembered” piece. That’ll give you some true insight into what I’m about. Compare that to your spiteful commentary.

        Finally, thanks for not reading my blog anymore. I was ready to send you the way of Truther. Have a great life.

  5. Frank Michaels says:

    That story of Lexi Thompson and her looking for a prom date was a nice turn of events. Its usually the other way around. Her fan base just increased by one, me, because of her choice of a serviceman. She does seem to be pretty grounded when interviewed on TV. This adds to that perception.

  6. Awsi Dooger says:

    Junior Seau is dead, an apparent suicide.

    Gad, it doesn’t seem that long ago he caddied for Natalie Gulbis for one episode of his “Sports Jobs” series, and favorably reviewed here. I thought he would continue with that type of media niche, as a likable versatile personality.

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