ShopRite Classic – Thursday

May 31, 2012

My player is Wendy Doolan

Another E-9 this morning. This time it was the backside. More practice filled the void till lunch. That’s all she wrote.

Stephanie Kono lost her iPhone on the way back from the range yesterday. After a frantic search with no luck, she ordered another. Today, her industrious looper (we’ll call him Jay) decided to search under the seat of the shuttle cart. There it sat in a cubbyhole next to the engine. A little greasy but still in working order.

Many former LPGA players are here to participate in a couple off-site pro-ams. Spotted Michelle Dobek but wasn’t sure if it was her at first. Her blond curly hair was straight as a string. It was "the magic of chemicals" she revealed.

One player had to make a choice of playing here or possibly making The Open. While attempting to qualify in Dallas, t-storms delayed her staring time until 5 pm yesterday. By the time play was halted she was -2 but opted to pack it in and fly here for her Friday morning tee time.

One caddie was checking the official money list from the LPGA website using his smart phone and noticed that the last update was March 25th. This was brought to the attention of the Commissioner and he promised it would be fixed. The cell version of the site was supposed to abandoned and only the full version used. Oops! And another thing, the blue on blue format-when viewed on a cell outdoors-is unreadable. Guess they’ll never fix that one.

Then there was this:

PGA Tour Players Not To Blame For Slow Play, Says Jack Nicklaus

Tiger Woods’ Niece To Make Pro Debut At LPGA’s Second Major

ShopRite Classic – Wednesday

May 30, 2012

My player is Wendy Doolan

We were pro-am alternates from 10:00 till 12:59 so we added an E-9 to the mix and hoped we didn’t get the call. Practiced from the time we walked off the course till 12:30 with just a small break in between. As I waited out the last few minutes of alternation, I spotted a rules official in ‘bloodhound mode’ which only means one thing. Someone pulled out and he was hunting down an alternate. Luckily, Grace Park was the player who took her exemption and the tee time was 1:00. Saved by a minute we were. Song-Hee Kim turned out to be the substitute.

A steady drizzle started not long after we finished the E-9, continuing into the afternoon hours, which made not getting in that much more satisfying. Many amateurs took caddies and some were carrying doubles. They sure earned their money today.

Caddies are issued a food coupon for lunch at the course or $5 off at McGettigan’s 19th Hole which is opposite the first tee. Louie and I opted for option number two and it was well worth it. My compadre had the black and blue burger and I chose the buffalo chicken tenders. All I could eat was three out of the five so the remaining bird found its way into the motel fridge. Will make a nice snack when I’m in the mood.

Sarah Kemp will have her broken foot examined in Oz to see if an operation is necessary for the mending process.

Then there was this:

WARNING! Slow Play Penalty Ahead – Take this True/False Test

Golfing greats share career regrets

Tiger Woods Gives A Shout Out To Niece Cheyenne During Video Chat

ShopRite Classic – Tuesday

May 29, 2012

My player is Wendy Doolan

Many tour players were participating in The Open qualifier in Maryland today so the course was a tad desolate. We ted it up early and touched ’em all in just over four hours. Some range work after lunch and our day was complete. I’ll grab some dinner later followed by an ibuprofen chaser.

Then there was this:

ShopRite LPGA Classic week starts with dramatic playoff qualifier

LPGA Tour players embracing tweets as instant links to fans

Commissioner sees improvement in LPGA, with more to come

Kerr’s fitting salute to local veterans

Golf Video: Swing plane tip of the day by former LPGA Pro

ShopRite Classic – Monday

May 28, 2012

land of the free sign

Memorial Day: Honor The Fallen

My player is Wendy Doolan

I love a course that doesn’t change. Walked it this morning in quick order. Done before the temperature was even thinking of rising.

Dina Ammaccapane was first off in the qualifier by her lonesome. Finished in three hours. That’s the way this game should be played.

Embarrassed smile‘Big Break’ participant Kelly Villarreal tried to qualify this morning. Walking off the first tee, her caddie had the towel stuck to the Velcro on the back of his bib (mandatory for some reason). After six holes, I was told it was still there. He also didn’t realize that player’s cannot keep their own score and snatched her card from the starters tent. He’s scheduled to work the tournament for a veteran player starting Thursday. Good luck bro.

Plenty of rain here recently has softened the greens to a point of unrecognizability. A bit spongy and holding great. Plans for watering have been put on hold.

The Journeys End Motel is ‘caddie central’ for many this week.

North, to Alaska: After the Canadian event in Vancouver, a player and her husband will be motoring to tundra country in their diesel-pusher motorhome. At least, that’s the plan. Don’t forget the return trip to middle America. Should be a memorable adventure.

This must be the spot: Fairway markings will be giving us some help this week. Originally it was thought they would help speed play but that was wishful thinking.

spot shoprite

Thanks Dean

Safe and Sound

May 27, 2012

Easy trip over. I-70 to Washington PA, south on I-79 then I-68 through Maryland was my route of choice. I’ve taken this way a few times. Very scenic. Spotted twelve troopers and eight of them were handing out holiday greetings. Only one accident punctuated the landscape but nothing major.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was the bonus flick on double-feature Saturday. Zac and I were the only ones to see it to the bitter end.

You noticed that CK had a new looper on the bag during the match play. That was a one week gig. She likes to recycle her old loopers and this week will be no different. Heard WB is back on the bag.

Then there was this:

Not a bloody thing!

The Gang’s All Here

May 26, 2012

Les stopped in and will spend the night. We all leave early tomorrow.

Mamma and papa Payne arrived around noon. We watched Setup on the big screen while munching on popcorn then PGA golf on the Samsung flat panel. I.C.E. has all the toys.

The Olive Garden was our choice for dinner before ma and pa headed back to Bellfontaine.

Then there was this:

Patty Sheehan & Friends golf tournament postponed

NDSU’s Amy Anderson Winner of Dinah Shore Trophy Award

A Little Elbow Grease

May 25, 2012

Spit-shined the ICE Palace in preparation of our Sunday departure. No need to wait till the last minute. Zac took a caddie holiday.

Fast Five was the flick du jour yesterday. Plenty of gratuitous violence, preposterous stunt driving and a final scene concocted of pure fantasy. I give it one star due to the complete lack of sex.

GhostI’ll be staying with Einstein in AC. Better bring my winter garb. He likes it chilly.

Then there was this:

Benjamin: Classic return ‘highly unlikely’  –  Looks like rumors of the return of The Corning Classic are just that.

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