Another day, another ….

Foursome today. Sunny tomorrow.

After shopping at a Winn-Dixie supermarket, I noticed a request on the receipt to fill out an online costumer survey. I did so and overall, rated my experience "satisfied" but they wished to know, in as much detail as possible, why I did not rate it "extremely satisfied". I replied thusly; "It’s just a grocery store, not a massage parlor."

Then there was this:

Welsh high-flier Becky Morgan is miles ahead of the rest

Annika Sorenstam looking to Brazil and the future of ladies golf

LPGA Priority List Changes for May 2012


2 Responses to Another day, another ….

  1. Ozz says:

    Good article on Becky which shows she is prepared like other European players to continually travel for pay day. There are a small number of US players who joined the LET who also do the same during weeks off or can’t get a start on the LPGA Tour.

    Not only are you chasing the money, but also expanding their golf game by playing on such varied golf courses and in horrendous condititions, such as this weeks Scottish Womens Open.

  2. Frank Michaels says:

    We can only assume there was no ‘happy ending’ experience at the Winn-Dixie…

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