Was The Pen Mightier?

I see Grace Park was extended an invitation to the match play event. I stayed with her caddie in La Costa and helped write the letter she was going to submit to the tournament. Wonder if that did the trick?

Threesome yesterday. Day off today.

Transition from the over-seeded rye to the native bermuda isn’t going very well. Plenty of brown and not enough green. Some say the overnight temperature is to blame. Not warm enough. The greens are Tiff Eagle and are in fine form though.

The mosquitoes must be on hiatus. No itch, no scratch.

Looks as if Greece may be the next vacation bargain spot. "Souvlaki for a Song" could be their motto.

Then there was this:

LPGA great Mickey Wright honored in USGA display

Lopez Receives Byron Nelson Prize

LPGA Pro, Kristy McPherson, Films Arthritis Awareness Video

The LPGA’s Michael Whan On The State Of His Tour, Foreign Players And – Page three says it all. Looks like "less is more" is still the mantra and will be for the foreseeable future. With all the limited field events, the top players don’t have to play. DUH!

Matt Kuchar suggests a golf shot clock


One Response to Was The Pen Mightier?

  1. bocajr says:

    its hard to believe that the PGA tour hasn’t given a 2 shot slow play penalty in 20 yrs and the Lpga almost gives out one a week. Nothing has changed though, golf times continue to be too slow, granted the Lpga plays alot of fan unfriendly courses and the play is slow, but snails can play faster..lol..golf needs to take away the caddy lining up period…. kevin na was unreal last week , that man has many inner deamons..wonder what the lpga players excuse is? The Lpga officials seem to always penalize the ‘b’ players, when was the last time an ‘a’ player got 2 shots?

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