A Dose of Reality

The grapevine has a former tour caddie being named a volunteer assistant coach for the San Diego State Women’s’ Golf Team under Leslie Spalding.

Another former looper, who made a guest appearance in 2010, just received a shocker in the mail. The return address was the I.R.S. and the contents was a demand for unpaid taxes of a whopping $41,000.00! But upon further review, someone in our infallible government misplaced a decimal point or two for the amount he earned. He really wasn’t paid that $89K they said he was. Nothing was actually owed and he has the 1099 to prove it. Whew! That had to be a heart stopper.

Then there was this:

Graduation Will Let Wie Focus Efforts on Her Game

Former Phillies Pitcher Ricky Bottalico Coming to Galloway for ShopRite LPGA

ShopRite LPGA Classic Announces Two Exemption Players

Dotty Pepper gives students a golf lesson

LPGA Legends Tour coming to Maine

Legends Tour providing golfers with inspiration

Manulife Financial LPGA Classic Announces Sponsorship from BlackBerry – Funny, RIM is on its last legs and struggling to survive. Is that an omen?

Muffin Spencer-Devlin Is the Best Lesbian, Manic-Depressive, Glass-Blowing   – They definitely broke the mold after Muffin.


12 Responses to A Dose of Reality

  1. Barbara says:

    I think getting beaten in the first rd of Sybase will also free up Michelle Wie to focus on her game as well lol.

  2. Tommy G says:

    Is that Jay working for Kerr??

  3. bocajr says:

    tom, are you referring to me? Have you forgotten what I look like..wow….how are those new glasses working?..lol

  4. bocajr says:

    could that ex caddie be steffler, he worked for spalding? lol…now that would be funny

  5. Ozz says:

    Well, that was an informative read on Muffin.

    Did any one on the Blog caddy for Muffin?

    bocajr, maybe your legs are getting shorter that Tom mistaken you.lol..

  6. Edward says:

    Yet another article on the Stanford Stiff.

    First it was “if we can just get Michelle away from her parents” and now it’s “if we can just get Michelle to concentrate on golf”.

    But why do people think it will make that big a difference now that she has finished college?? With the sterling exception of Brittany Lincicome, her peers have either plateaued (Pressel, Creamer, Kerr, McPherson, Lang et. al.) or tanked (Natalie, Cristina Kim) What’s their excuse – – they’ve been giving golf their undivided attention for years.

    And how many times do we have to read about Michelle’s decision to achieve “balance” in her life by attending college and playing golf at the same time, as though this was some great act of courage? Must be nice to collect millions in endorsement deals while treating your “profession” like a hobby/part-time job.

    I wonder if Tom Brady can get the same deal: show up once in a while at Patriot’s games as long as they don’t interfere with Giselle’s photo shoots.

  7. lifeontour says:

    Your first point has been the key all along. If her parents would have dropped the reins and let Michelle find her own way, she might have been the ‘world beater’ she was touted to be but we’ll never know now. Their influence has been extremely detrimental to out it mildly.

    The others you mentioned never came close to having the hype like Michelle.

    Natalie “undivided attention”? Please.

    Creamer has been fighting injuries.

    Don’t look now Edward but Pressel may win this week and Natalie is having a resurgence this year.

    Just saying.

    • Book'em Danno says:

      Her parents have followed her EVERYWHERE she’s lived! Hawaii, the PS desert, Florida, and they even lived just off campus in Palo Alto. Golf wise, she’s now the female equivalent of David Duvall. She has not made one cut this year. Wonder if any sponsers have minumum # of rounds played?

  8. rich (arizona) says:

    The LPGA just can’t win (at least for me). First the hour long coverage of the semifinal match was almost 30 minutes of a men’s tournament. Not sure if there was another way to watch it but that is what I got here in MD.

    Now I flip on to watch the finals and 25 minutes into it, there is another men’s minor tournament going into sudden death. Geez.

    Since I missed most of what happened for the slow play penalty I can’t comment much on that but I wish all of the tours would severely punish slow players via strokes and DQs.

    In my view caddies shouldn’t be allowed to check the players alignment and once you step up to the ball you have to hit it. Sorry if you aren’t ready or the wind changes. Nothing in life is perfect and in almost all jobs if you can’t do the job in a reasonable time you won’t keep it.

    Does anyone know if they replay the entire coverage at a later time or once its gone, its gone?

  9. rich (arizona) says:

    Thankfully the golf channel did provide coverage (last 9-10 holes) of the final and I was around to watch it otherwise my tivo would have missed it due to the over run of the men’s tournament

  10. Edward says:

    Re: Michelle

    I agree that if Michelle could be (or could have been) eased away from her parents things might be different but I’m not sure how that might have transpired. Perhaps a golf boarding school when she was 16 with her parents given visitation rights?

    At the same time I’m a family values guy so I do respect young people who are close to their parents. Michelle is not married and she’s an only child so her parents are her family. She might feel lost without them.

    My concern with Michelle is her mental toughness and her will to win. Suzann Pettersen has both qualities: she was a force at last year’s Solheim Cup and at Safeway when she threw down that final round 64. And say what you like about Cristie Kerr, I witnessed her final round 65 at the 2006 CN Canadian Open when she came from nine strokes back to grab the title from Angela Stanford who had led all three rounds. That takes guts.

    I can’t recall seeing this from Michelle i.e., rallying to win. In fact, even when she’s playing respectably her tournaments seem to unfold more or less along these lines: two good rounds to put her in contention followed by a third-round fizzle (a 73 or 74) followed by a ho-hum fourth round (perhaps a 71 or 72) . Not the stuff of which legends are made.

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