Two In A Row

The Admiral and I shared a fivesome today. We were both scheduled to have a group but a hard night at the tables pared them down by three. Plenty of yuks and by the end of the round, we were known as "Slim" and "Stumpy". Guess which one I was.

Britt Ruby was in our group. Along with Rory Kelly, they are the American Doubles Croquet Champions. Britt was also the singles champ in 1997.

Mug Threesome yesterday. Beer and boisterous buffoonery set the day. I wasn’t immune from the festivities either. Was offered a company position until they saw the beverage cart girl on the back. Never underestimate the power of a woman. As we waited on the seventeenth tee, a Beau big-wig passed us heading for the clubhouse. He was on his cell with Eli Manning and let a guy in our group say hi. Made his day.

Checked out an abandoned golf cart cooler by the cart barn. It contained a leaf and a frog about an inch long. Don’t know how long it’s been in there so I left the lid open and it disappeared in short order. Was my good deed for the day.

Then there was this:

The LPGA Tour: Indeed, it’s different out hereMichelle Wie…scored two holes-in-one Friday, on the 174-yard fourth hole and the 171-yard eighth. Jimin Kang started her day off with a hole-in-one on the 206-yard opening hole.

LPGA Mike Whan claims Augusta National is guilty over its biased membership rules

Rio served with search warrant over Olympic golf course contract

Golf’s Worst Enemy Rears Its Head


43 Responses to Two In A Row

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    I may be jumping the gun, but i think Pressel got the royal shaft today…

  2. I feel for her, but suspect she felt they wouldn’t nail her, based on her complete lack of urgency to play her shots on the 12th. Interesting that had she missed her par putt she would have been close enough in time that they probably wouldn’t have penalized her, and so she would have been 2 holes up. Something wrong with that scenario.

    • bocajr says:

      even if she had missed her par putt she would still have gotten the penalty…if her next putt had been a tap in, she wouldn’t have gotten an extra 30 seconds for the shot. I was in a group this year in phoenix where a player got 2 shots and I felt the timing was in error, in the end the player can appeal but unless 2 officials are timing the player and there is a descrepency with the 2 times its almost impossible to get a penalty reversed. Thats the problem with the system, each official starts their clock differently, no matter what they may say.

      • I didn’t know there was no extra time for a tap in. I like that the LPGA is actually doing something about slow play, but realize that what they are doing isn’t ideal. They need a “shot clock” like you see in basketball, I guess….

  3. Tommy G says:

    I did’nt see what happended Please enlighten me>>

    • bocajr says:

      watch the golf channel anyday….pressel won 12 to go 3 up and on the 13th tee she was given a penalty for slow play resulting in her losing the hole instead of winning it thus she was only 1 up. Later on 15 pressel thought Munoz touched her line on her putt when she was doing her pre shot routine, the officials went to the tv truck and found inconclusive evidence of that happening. Munoz went on to win the match causing much tearing by the two. they had been on the clock for about 3 holes and apparently pressel took awhile to hit her shot on the par 3 12 and was way over her time par, thus a penalty.

      • Barbara says:

        Looks like the Koreans arent the only ones who know how to cheat LOL

      • lifeontour says:

        Cheating? If you inadvertently touch the line with your putter it’s a penalty. You don’t have to intend to do it. Playing the wrong ball and not fessing up to it, now that’s cheating. Oh, the memories.

      • Barbara says:

        Munoz CHEATED when she did NOT CONFESS to touching her line, even though she knew she did. Pretty simple, right?

      • lifeontour says:

        Seems like you’re the only one who knows that for a fact.

      • Barbara says:

        I’ll take the word of Morgan Pressel over any foreign LPGA player any time, any where. Plus, I give my girl Morgan credit for not calling Munoz on it the first time Morgan saw Munoz doing it. After the second time, Morgan had to report it.

      • lifeontour says:

        To no avail. There have been American players who have cheated in the past but it’s ancient history.

      • Ozz says:

        Sorry Barbra, but if Morgan saw the infringement the first time, she should have reported it. If the infringement was correct or not, that would have placed Munoz on notice that someone is watching and not to do it again..

      • bocajr says:

        Morgan probably should have notified doug brecht, the lpga official following the group after the first incident..then he would have been paying attention the rest of the round instead of having to use tv replay, which doesn’t have a ground level, behind the ball view, so it was impossible to see if a violation had occured.

      • Barbara says:

        Oh, I agree that Morgan should have called it the first time. But just because she didnt, doesn’t mean that Munoz did not cheat. Even Munoz knows that she cheated. She’s just too smart to admit it. All the foreign players are smarter when it comes to cheating.

  4. bocajr says:

    Barbara, i’ll just say this…I have no recollection of any LPGA player calling a penalty on themselves in recent history, yet the PGA tour has players calling rules infractions on themselves…not condemming LPGA players but maybe its the young, immatureness of the 18 yr old female players that have a win at all cost attitude. Just an opinion for what its worth.

  5. scraper says:

    i was working for mindy moore in corning, i think 1985, she called a penalty on herself she took a practice swing and a live leaf fell from a tree. i didn’t see it, but she did. scraper

    • bocajr says:

      scrapper, you had probably staggered in from a few cocktails at one of Cornings many taverns and didn’t see the tree or the ball…lol…hope there have been more penalties called by players then 27 yrs

  6. scraper says:

    my point was that players have called penalties on themselves. i did lose a few brain cells in corning years ago.

    • bocajr says:

      scrapper, your instance was 27 yrs ago…i’m saying that in recent yrs maybe 10 yrs, I have very little memory(not debatable) of many players foreign or american calling a rules infraction on themselves. The new crop of players have been brought up to win at all costs, and in my mind that has led to some questionable non calls.

  7. Tommy G says:

    What was Doug doing (counting clouds) Doug shows the inepitude of the LPGA in gereral..He was there

    • bocajr says:

      tom, doug is only there for rulings should a player ask for such..he doesn’t stradle each putt to see if there is a problem..pleazzz

  8. inside the ropes says:

    Glad you really know Azahara cheated , did you get that from being there ,did you see it! Did you know that a rules official was in every group the 4th -6th rounds! And they walked every step of the way. And not once, did one official mention the alleged infraction!

    If we get down to facts,Morgan [your girl ] and Munoz were told they are on the clock on the 12 tee, Morgan [it’s on tape] took almost 2 mins to hit her tee shot, that really set her up for the penalty! Harsh as it was ,[to which, why were they on the clock ,when there were only 4 players on the course]. She exceeded her allotted time!!!

    Like it or not ,that was the last thing Doug wanted to happen> Here a account from inside the ropes.

    So more facts ; Morgan on the 15th green with a 12 ft birdie putt was 1 up,Munoz makes her 15 ft putt Morgan misses!! 16 lost ,17 lost!!!! She had her chances didn’t capitalize on them .. End of story….

    • Barbara says:

      Here’s another fact I know: my girl is on the LPGA tour while yours is not. Just sayin 🙂 You might want to keep that in mind when you question an American LPGA player’s word on cheating, especially one with an impeccable reputation like Morgan.

      • barbra, r u morgans mom,,,why is she yur girl? Nobody has ever said that americans have never cheated. Cheating or bending the rules has been prevalent on this tour for decades, remember the jane blalock incident from the early 70’s..that set the lpga way back as she was caught on film and sued the lpga and courts eh! Any cheating by any player either intentional or not should not be accedpted.period.

      • Barbara says:

        ok, I never heard of Jane Blalock until now, so thanks for pointing that out. But after reading up on it, you’re wrong to think the courts ruled for Jane because they thought she didn’t cheat. Jane won because the courts thought the LPGA exec board had a conflict of interest in allowing Jane’s fellow competitors to pass judgment on her. As a result, the LPGA exec board now has independent members, as well as active players. So nice try on trying to confuse the issue here.

  9. inside the ropes says:

    wrong again Barbara!! Munoz is a member of the Lpga, This has nothing to do about Morgan’s reputation. Once you figure out the truth from rumors , do a little research first….

  10. Barbara says:

    Wow! Lots of jealous bitter people here hatin on Morgan, who has ONLY been about the US and red, white, and blue. All Morgan tried to do was protect the field (of 4 LOL) and she can’t get a break. Just remember your attitudes when someone else calls a Korean out for cheating. No wonder the LPGA is going to hell in a handbasket. Even it’s American supporters are willing to turn a blind eye when an American calls out a foreigner for cheating. Lame.

    • bocajr says:

      Barbara, what nationality of the player is not important…the question most people have is that why did she wait until the match was going against her and public perception was that it was in poor taste to do it at that time. Morgan would have to have been eye level with the ground to see the infraction, not crouched behind her 20 feet away…its the old your word against mine and the officials can’t base an infraction on that as there was no tv evidence.

      • Barbara says:

        Who cares about public perception? Cheating should be called out. Period. If you and others think that Morgan should not have called out Munoz for cheating for fear of public perception, then you all are no better than the LPGA for sweeping cheating by foreign players under the rug.

        And I’ll take an the word of an upstanding American LPGA player and citizen like Morgan over any foreign player any time. Morgan has NEVER cheated and NEVER been accused of cheating as well. Too bad Munoz and a lotta of the Koreans can’t say the same. Jump in any time, Larry.

        I actually support Worth Blackwelder’s idea of an tour for American girls only. Help keep the principles which makes America great alive and well among American players. But it seems like he’s gotten a bit soft on foreign players after his daughter started dating a foreigner. Lame.

      • Ozz says:

        No one said tha Morgan should not have called the rules infringement. What we all say (except you) is why she did not call it the first time. If she did not call it the first time earlier in the match then why call it late.

        The public perception and maybe others on Tour is that Morgan is leading, gets a time penalty which changes the match dramatically to Munoz, and then Morgan calls the ifringement… Thats the public perception and maybe others on Tour that Morgan pulled out all stops to win.

      • Barbara says:

        During an interview after her match with the Golf Channel, Morgan explained why she didn’t call out Munoz the first time for touch her line of putt and cheating. Morgan said that she asked her caddie if he saw Munoz do this but he said he wasn’t paying attention but would going forwards. The second time Morgan saw Munoz touch her line, Morgan’s caddie was paying attention and corroborated Morgan’s report.

        I give my girl Morgan credit for holding off reporting that cheating Munoz the first time until she had a witness to corroborate her report the second time. Morgan is a class act. And unlike other foreign players, Morgan has NEVER been accused of cheating. EVER. If you can’t trust the word of an upstanding, American LPGA player like Morgan, who can you trust???

        It doesn’t matter if Morgan calls Munoz out for cheating the first time or second. What does matter is that Morgan called out for Munoz for cheating and that Munoz, like many foreign Korean players, learned to deny, deny, deny.

        All those cheaters should just go back and play on their own tours.

      • Ozz says:

        Barbara, you better begin qualifying a foreign player, because you just brought in the integrity of Karrie Webb, Laura Davies, Miyasato, Karen Stupples, Catrina Matthews, Sei Ri Pak, Sandra Gal, Gwladys Nocera and many more other “foreign players”.


      • Barbara says:

        Get a grip. I said many foreign players, NOT all. I also said that those foreign players THAT cheated should go back to their own tours. Again, NOT all.

      • bocajr says:

        Barbara, you are so stuck on “YOUR” girl…no one on this blog condones cheating and it was the LPGA who swept it under the rug, not caddies. There was an incident in Portland 2 years ago where a caddie spotted cheating..the 2 american players in the group ignored it and didn’t say a thing..they didn’t want to get involved. The problem is players aren’t policing there own game to put a stop to some of the things…no one wants to get involved. That will only keep some of the crap thats going on from ending. Caddies who something wrong by their player are afraid to say something cause they will get fired…thats unfortunate. No one here is doubting what occured with Morgans match…the slow penalty was unfortunate for her but she knows she was on the clock and took forever to hit the shot….thats partly the caddies fault as well. The other incident is something that only 2 people know the answer to and debating who saw something and who didn’t can’t be answered by me or you. And because you took a very cheap shot at worth about his daughter, thats below the belt. If you don’t like his point of view thats fine, you crossed the line on here and i’m sure larry will delete you from here! Please keep watching the golf channel for all your golf news…that should put you to sleep forever.

      • Barbara says:

        First, you question why Morgan called out Munoz for cheating when the match was going against her and that it was in poor taste to do so. Then, you complain that players do not police their own games. So which is it??? Lame.

        Even in a Golf Channel interview, Munoz admitted that she may have touched her line. But she didn’t have the decency to say that to the Rules official when questioned. Lame.

        I do apologize for what I said about Mallory though. It’s not Mallory’s fault that dad flip flops on his thoughts about foreign players. First, he wants to make a tour ONLY for American girls. Then, he takes the word of a foreign player OVER that of an American girl when it comes to calling out a cheater. I do think Mallory’s dating a foreigner has softened his stance on things though. Not so lame since it is what it is.

  11. Ozz says:

    Barbara, your the one who bought the patriotism into it. To everyone else, they are 2 players playing matchplay. Unfortunately it’s comments and attitude like yours that will hinder the LPGA to get back on track to where it once was…if they can, and I sincerely hope they do.

    Where do you get the jealousy from. The other comments made by current and former LPGA caddies are based on facts and what happens during a tournament.

    Quote from a popular movie “You Can’t Handle The Truth”.

  12. Barbara says:

    Got it. Next time one of you accuse a Korean of cheating, I’m gonna say “Pics or it did NOT happen”. I like this little game, even if it does end up screwing the LPGA and all its American players. On the other hand, if all the foreigners can’t play by the rules, they can all go back and play on their Asian and European tours. That’s what they’re there for amirite.

    • bocajr says:

      most of the “accusations” against the asians stood up, the fact is the lpga has to sweep it under the rug as without the asian sponsors there would be NO tour at all. The commishioner spent one hour talking to the players about cheating at a player meeting, so the fact is that it was happening at that time. Any one on this blog cares about cheating of any kind, wether its by an american player or foreign player. I’d turn in an american player anytime if I thought she had cheated or committed a rules infraction, and I would hope any caddie would do the same. The Korean players are better golfers period right now, the lpga has been waiting for 10 yrs to see an influx of american players take over the tour…aint happening right now…Lexi Thompson by herself is not going to save the lpga..maybe 10 more like her.

  13. Barbara says:

    And yet others here doubt the word of an upstanding LPGA player like my girl Morgan P and would rather support another foreign cheater. I guess these others also doubt Louise Suggs when she called out Blalock for cheating. Lame.

  14. tom thorpe says:


  15. bernie says:

    The Temptations wrote a song about this years ago-

    I’ve got sunshine, on a cloudy day
    when it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May
    I guess you’d say, what can make me feel this way,
    talkin bout MY GIRL…….MY GIRL

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