Caddies on I.C.E.

Yesterday, I left Mississippi @ 5am and arrived in Columbus OH (Chad’s aka The ICE Palace) a little after eight. Smooth sailing all the way. Listened to ‘The Sociopath Next Door’ on the final stretch. It was the second time and doesn’t get any cheerier on the replay. I know we’ve had a few on tour over the years.

Chad was at temple when I arrived but Zac, another tour looper, greeted me at the door. We caught up on tour gossip until the master returned then it was of to the screening room. "The Sitter" was the night’s feature. Not great but worth every penny of the $1.27 rental fee.

Acquiring a  current driver license and renewing my auto registration, along with a rotate and balance of my tires, occupied most of this morning. I had a restriction on my license which required eyeglasses while motoring but upon further review (reexamination), I aced the test this time around. No specs necessary under the law but I’ll keep wearing them. The world looks a bit clearer when I do.

When going over the info on my old license, the clerk asked if everything was the same. I said it was but then she noticed that my hair color was listed as brown. One look and she changed it to grey. I’m out to buy some Grecian-Formula first chance I get.

A facebook post states that Sarah Kemp broke her foot in Germany. Whacked it on a marble staircase she did. Headed back to Oz.

I wasn’t getting the Golf Channel but feedback from current and former loopers say it’s abysmal. They can barely watch it for a few minutes at a time. Not enough golf but plenty of negative comments. What’s your opinion?

Then there was this:

Gulbis is caddy-less, according to Twitter feed

PGA Tour, LPGA take differing approaches to slow play

JCB an Official Sponsor of China LPGA Tour


3 Responses to Caddies on I.C.E.

  1. Cougar says:

    Players need to avoid stairs. First Se Ri and now Kempy get injured. Who’s next?

  2. dog says:

    Clinton again at Norman’s place? 🙂

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