A Little Elbow Grease

Spit-shined the ICE Palace in preparation of our Sunday departure. No need to wait till the last minute. Zac took a caddie holiday.

Fast Five was the flick du jour yesterday. Plenty of gratuitous violence, preposterous stunt driving and a final scene concocted of pure fantasy. I give it one star due to the complete lack of sex.

GhostI’ll be staying with Einstein in AC. Better bring my winter garb. He likes it chilly.

Then there was this:

Benjamin: Classic return ‘highly unlikely’  –  Looks like rumors of the return of The Corning Classic are just that.


11 Responses to A Little Elbow Grease

  1. Tommy G says:

    Are you staying n Eienstien’ R V?

    • lifeontour says:

      Don’t be silly.

      • bocajr says:

        u call that an rv? wow….2 grown men in a 4foot area sleeping, larry would have to rename this site!!

      • Barbara says:

        I dont think Larry needs to rename this site based on staying in a RV with another guy. If any thing, a better reason might be it’s been a while since he caddied for an LPGA player on tour.

      • bocajr says:

        barbara, why don’t you just put a pin up of your girl on the refrigerator with a candle under her pic and just get down on your knees
        and worship her every day..wow…you talk about bitter people on here and you have to rake larry over the coals again…you either have no humor( or attempt at humor) or are as sarcastic as any human can be. By Larry writing about some of the things that went on out on the tour, he ruffled the feathers of the hierarchy out here and has been basically blackballed, yet you can’t resist cheap shots and stating things that you know zero about out here. Do you think he reports stuff about caddies and situations on tour that are made up? He’s caddied out here for 35 yrs, give him a little credit for knowing what goes on out here.

      • Barbara says:

        Never thought I’d have to say this to a boy but there’s no need to get ur panties all bunched up in a wad LOL

  2. Frank Michaels says:

    I’m an outsider here, but the LOVE between you insiders surely is incredible…gezzz…

    Sad to read about that Corning Tourney. I always enjoyed in on TV and the players seemed to really take the tourney. It was a shorter course if I recall, and brought many of the average players into the mix.

  3. Ozz says:

    Frank, as well as bringing the average player into the mix, it was great for the caddie as the walk between green and tee is very very short compared to nowadays where sometimes you have to have cart rides.

    Great spectators and the welcome the LPGA did receive by the town was second to none. Sadly missed.

  4. Barbara says:

    Looks like rumors of the return of the LPGA are just that.

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