ShopRite Classic – Wednesday

My player is Wendy Doolan

We were pro-am alternates from 10:00 till 12:59 so we added an E-9 to the mix and hoped we didn’t get the call. Practiced from the time we walked off the course till 12:30 with just a small break in between. As I waited out the last few minutes of alternation, I spotted a rules official in ‘bloodhound mode’ which only means one thing. Someone pulled out and he was hunting down an alternate. Luckily, Grace Park was the player who took her exemption and the tee time was 1:00. Saved by a minute we were. Song-Hee Kim turned out to be the substitute.

A steady drizzle started not long after we finished the E-9, continuing into the afternoon hours, which made not getting in that much more satisfying. Many amateurs took caddies and some were carrying doubles. They sure earned their money today.

Caddies are issued a food coupon for lunch at the course or $5 off at McGettigan’s 19th Hole which is opposite the first tee. Louie and I opted for option number two and it was well worth it. My compadre had the black and blue burger and I chose the buffalo chicken tenders. All I could eat was three out of the five so the remaining bird found its way into the motel fridge. Will make a nice snack when I’m in the mood.

Sarah Kemp will have her broken foot examined in Oz to see if an operation is necessary for the mending process.

Then there was this:

WARNING! Slow Play Penalty Ahead – Take this True/False Test

Golfing greats share career regrets

Tiger Woods Gives A Shout Out To Niece Cheyenne During Video Chat


2 Responses to ShopRite Classic – Wednesday

  1. Louis says:

    I know what E-9 is in baseball, what do you mean by it?

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