ShopRite Classic – Thursday

My player is Wendy Doolan

Another E-9 this morning. This time it was the backside. More practice filled the void till lunch. That’s all she wrote.

Stephanie Kono lost her iPhone on the way back from the range yesterday. After a frantic search with no luck, she ordered another. Today, her industrious looper (we’ll call him Jay) decided to search under the seat of the shuttle cart. There it sat in a cubbyhole next to the engine. A little greasy but still in working order.

Many former LPGA players are here to participate in a couple off-site pro-ams. Spotted Michelle Dobek but wasn’t sure if it was her at first. Her blond curly hair was straight as a string. It was "the magic of chemicals" she revealed.

One player had to make a choice of playing here or possibly making The Open. While attempting to qualify in Dallas, t-storms delayed her staring time until 5 pm yesterday. By the time play was halted she was -2 but opted to pack it in and fly here for her Friday morning tee time.

One caddie was checking the official money list from the LPGA website using his smart phone and noticed that the last update was March 25th. This was brought to the attention of the Commissioner and he promised it would be fixed. The cell version of the site was supposed to abandoned and only the full version used. Oops! And another thing, the blue on blue format-when viewed on a cell outdoors-is unreadable. Guess they’ll never fix that one.

Then there was this:

PGA Tour Players Not To Blame For Slow Play, Says Jack Nicklaus

Tiger Woods’ Niece To Make Pro Debut At LPGA’s Second Major


11 Responses to ShopRite Classic – Thursday

  1. Barbara says:

    Congratulations to Worth Blackwelder for landing a bag! Not just any bag, but an American bag! Cristie Kerr!

    I just hope he learns to take an American player’s word (Cristie’s in this case) when it comes to calling out foreign player cheaters more than he was willing to take Morgan Pressel’s during the Sybase Matchplay Championship.

    • lifeontour says:

      Barbara, Worth Blackwelder did not post those comments regarding slow play. Someone used his name. I know Worth so I crosschecked the email address and it wasn’t his. I have removed those comments and asked the poster to reveal himself. BTW, Worth has worked for Cristie in the past.

      • Barbara says:

        Hi Larry! Thanks for clearing that up. It’s good to know that the REAL Worth has Cristie’s back and trusts her word when it comes to calling out any potential foreign players trying to cheat.

        That article I linked to also mentioned that Worth was Cristie’s caddie at the beginning of her career and won 5 events with her. It also quoted Cristie as saying that she hoped that her renewed partnership with Worth would work out for the long term.

        I hope you catch that imposter. That’s pretty crappy to impersonate someone and say the things that the imposter said.

    • Barbwa, don’t want to bust your bubble but YOUR gal Christie has been accused several times of ” bending the rules”…she got caught in Chicago moving her ball out of a divot when we were playing lift clean and replace. when you hit it in a divot, u must clean it and replace it back in the divot, she failed to do so. And she has a habit of pressing down the rough behind her ball in the rough and has been told by rules officials that she can’t do that..its illegal. Not bashing americans but don’t get your high hopes up with christie…lol…the facts speak for themselves.

      • Barbara says:

        I just love how your name and fake asian accent pokes fun at foreigners LOL! They deserve it for all their cheating LOL! Say it aint Ahhh-so!

  2. Good luck to you and Wendy this week. I’ll be following my friend Hannah Yun (7:25 tee time tomorrow), but hope to get a chance to say hi to you. Pars and birdies to Wendy!!

  3. J Wake says:

    I’m so relieved to know the overseas players are only winning because they ‘cheat’ and not because they might just be the better player on the day/s.

    Of course, Bill Clinton and GW Bush didn’t ‘cheat’ either ;).

  4. J Wake says:

    Mr Nicklaus seems to be contradicting himself. How can it possibly take a scratch or plus handicap golfer five hours to play a round unless they are wasting time? In the article he says weekend players are copying the pros …. doesn’t that just blow his argument out of the water to some extent?

    W/end players do take their time but not necessarily because they are taking five minutes to play their shot. They take time because they are playing from too far back on the tee. Their accuracy isn’t there, their course management is often lacking and their etiquette in regard to groups behind them non-existent etc etc.

    • Ozz says:

      What Mr Nicklaus and the article does not mention is the Tour has Marshall’s, Spectators lining the fairways and around the greens. So a stray golf shot is either stopped from entering further into trouble by hitting one of these people, or you have thousands of pairs of eyes looking for a stray ball instead of just 4. Those are not present during a weekend of club golf.

      Also, there are no artificial immovable obstructions in your weekend round, where you can get line of sight relief or deliberately hit it in the bleaches around or behind the green to receive a free drop in a drop zone that would be more advantageous then where the ball may have ended up if the bleaches weren’t there.

  5. Tommy G says:

    Jack is NEVER WRONG

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