ShopRite Classic – Round Two

My player is Wendy Doolan

Five over today. See ya in Rochester.

The wind did a one-eighty. Played much easier. The second and eighth fairways were ‘ball in hand’ due to overnight rain.

How about that pin on the par three seventh. Ridiculous! Just as I write this, Christina Kim knocks it a couple inches from the hole missing an ace by a hair. Go figure.

Tweet from golf writer Beth Ann Baldry: "Natalie Gulbis missing caddie David Brooker, who "graduated" to the PGA Tour. He read every putt for her the last couple months."

Player’s Twitter addresses will be on their caddie bibs starting next week. More interaction with fans is the goal. Is ‘social media’ the answer to an LPGA resurgence? Guess it can’t hurt.

Mis-hit of the week goes to Song Hee Kim. Yesterday, she fired her opening salvo on number one into the caddie parking lot.

Was watching a skit from The Golf Channel Comedy Club where LPGA players direct the action. Just couldn’t take it anymore and switched to The Memorial. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. This can’t be why the viewing numbers are up, or can it Mr. Commissioner?

The promo where all the PGA announcers are in the confessional is priceless.

The mystery concerning the Worth Blackwelder comments has been solved. They were posted by a friend using Worth’s laptop. Even though a different screen name was used, it must have reverted to saved information and used the wrong info. I approved them and changed the name to "inside the ropes’ which he truly is.

Will be heading to Rochester in the morning. The Dorkat Renaissance Suites will be ‘caddie central’ next week.

Then there was this:

Why the LPGA Tour needs shorter courses


15 Responses to ShopRite Classic – Round Two

  1. Barbara says:

    If the LPGA really wants its players to have social interaction with the fans, how about letting the fans line up the players for every shot and read putts for them?

  2. rich (arizona) says:

    That new LPGA web site is bad. As a computer/engineering person I often wonder how things get done so poorly. Either from hiring someone cheaply or the person in charge knows nothing about tech and gives bad guidelines/requirements.

    People often design the web pages with too much flash/glitz/etc. and forget that once a person is at your web site it is like they are in your store. You don’t need to catch their attention at that point instead you just want to avoid driving them away from the web site/store. I rarely visit the site any more.

    I was wondering how much it would affect Natalie. I’ll continue to root for her but if her success depends that much on the caddy then he or she should be getting a much larger cut. She had been playing much better this year.

    I know we all have our issues but geez Christina Kim needs to use a mirror. Form fitting outfits showing every ounce of her is not a positive thing. That all white outfit was horrendous.

    Did you see Courtney Harter? During the coverage I only caught the name Harter on the caddie’s bib and the back of her. Don’t know anything about her but at least the back view was easy on the eyes. Googling her shows that she played at Alabama.

    Better luck next week.

    • Awsi Dooger says:

      Agreed. The LPGA website is a disaster. My visitation is way down. It’s unbelievable how many aspects are worse than previously. The blue on blue is so ghastly I often have to tilt the screen all over the place and chance brightness simply to make it barely tolerable, and the live scoring readable. I can’t think of another site I frequent that requires adjustments like that. Forget about checking that site outdoors.

      There was an LPGA website suggestion email address posted here a couple of months ago. What a waste. I wrote to them several times and they ignored every one, regardless of what approach or tone I used. Not a single reply, and nothing

      • J Wake says:

        Absolutely agree with the comments about the ‘new’ LPGA site. Blue on blue is bad at the best of times, but for visually challenged it’s hopeless. I have also responded to the ‘suggestions email’, likewise no acknowledgement and no change. I now only look at the leaderboard, that’s it. Are the LPGA really that stupid? Er, don’t answer that!

  3. Frank Michaels says:

    I agree with that producer/director stunt they pulled on the GC. I was lucky I recorded the tourney, so i could just FF through it. After the first 2 minutes or so, my head was spinning with all that chatter. The tour is obvioulsy marketing the ‘appeal’ of the younger attractive players. Some of those promo’s (Mozo, Creamer, Munoz, et. al) are pretty risque. Creamer does need to spray tan her feet if she’s going to wear heels and a skirt, however.

  4. cannuck says:

    speaking of twitter did t joh get censured?

  5. cannuck says:

    i guess i mean censored

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