Wegmans LPGA Championship – Monday

My player is Wendy Doolan

It was a full day of pro-am play, spanning the 7 am to 2 pm time slot. We commenced at 8:20 and played in an on/off misty drizzle. Three in our group were employed by American Greetings which was a little ironic. That’s where I toiled over a hot computer for seven years before coming out on tour.

Wendy had her irons tweaked before we teed it up. A loft and lie adjustment was in order at it paid off.

A few contestants played an E-9 but if they didn’t have a yardage book from past years, they had to do without. The pro shop opened a tad late.

I stopped in the caddie tent for a cup of coffee when we made the turn. Caddie Master Ralph must have concocted a special brew cause I was wired two holes later. Felt twenty-five again. I gots to get me some of them beans!

My roomy locked his keys in the car so I went back to the Dorkat and fetched the spare out of his previously worn shorts. Where is the hand sanitizer when you need it?

There was a Wiley sighting at Locust Hill. Living only sixty miles away, this former tour looper stopped in and hoped to get lucky with a job. Nothing so far.

The annual ‘Donna Wanna Bowling Tournament will be held tomorrow @ eight bells just down the street from the course. Be there!

Then thee was this:

When Tiger Woods Wins, The Game Of Golf Does, Too

New Fines In Place For Cats And Dogs That Don’t Buckle Up In New Jersey – Heaven help us!


6 Responses to Wegmans LPGA Championship – Monday

  1. Ozz says:

    Is Wiley still driving big rigs or has he retired from those. Say G’day and wish him well for the week.

    • lifeontour says:

      Wiley is retired. He blew out a disc in his back and after being in a wheelchair for some time, had an operation. Looks like he’s fully recovered.

  2. Louis says:

    Wht is E-9?

  3. Ozz says:

    E-9 is Emergency 9 holes, before the start of the Pro-am. From memory you must be so many holes ahead of the first group of the Pro-am on either 9 holes or else you in big big trouble.

  4. ah, e-9 is when someone cheats and gets away with it..like basaball scoring..

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