Wegmans LPGA Championship – Tuesday

An early session with Wendy’s teacher, playing the back nine by ourselves and more practice afterward completed our day.

We had real time scoring in the pro-am yesterday. A walking scorer – with a high-tech electronic gizmo in each group – kept the scoreboards up to date.

I was the first to arrive this morning. Even the caddie tent was abandoned. By the time Caddie Master Ralph got the coffee up and going, I was long gone with only one cup consumed on my drive in. This is far short of my daily morning requirement but miracles do happen my friend and today was one of those days. While standing on the range – which is a very long way from Caddie HQ – I spotted a familiar figure in the distance. It was Ralph with a cup of java in his hand and guess who it was for? Me! At first, you would think Ralph is blessed with an altruistic spirit second to none but on further reflection, I think the zillion golf balls – that I had accumulated at Fallen Oak and dropped off at the caddie tent this morning – may have had something to do with it. Now, if I can only get that birthday cake I requested.

Stopped in Wegmans yesterday and picked up a few Luna protein bars. Had one for breakfast this morning then read the label. It stated that this was the first protein bar made exclusively for women. I started to cry.

Then there was this:

LPGA’s LIFE Tournament Coming to West Caldwell

Dottie Pepper to sign copies of "Bogey Tees Off" at US Open

Cheyenne Woods Comfortable at Locust Hill

Casey Martin will return to US Open


4 Responses to Wegmans LPGA Championship – Tuesday

  1. Kate Peters says:

    Hey Larry – Sorry to miss your birthday this year! Hope you’re doing well. – kate

  2. Cougar says:

    You should have been to bowling alley. As it is tradition that a player throws the first ball to start the tournament, Lexi did the honors. Jeff Heitt was the big winner among the 60 participants.

  3. Ozz says:

    I’m sure the pizza and refreshments were up to the normal standard on the night. I always enjoyed the evening, socializing and banter.

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