Wegmans LPGA Championship – Round Two

My player is Wendy Doolan

Missed working on my birthday by a shot. The rough tore us a new one today.

Does another inch matter? It does if that’s how far you are from an ace. We needed another roll on five to have one.

Grace Park has hung-up her LPGA spikes. Made the announcement today along with the cut.

Today’s gallery was larger than most Sunday’s at other events. If they ever lose Rochester, someone should be shot.

Split tees early tomorrow due to expected inclement weather.

If they can make Jelly Belly beans taste like popcorn, margarita and cappuccino, why can’t they make a protein bar that tastes like a red hot? Just asking.

It should have been another mundane pro-am for Eun-Hee Ji but it turned into an emergency driver replacement before the first round. As she stood on the 16th tee with driver in hand, a tee shot from the 13th tore through the trees behind them and hit the head of her club leaving a large dent. Being A Callaway Legacy and only available in Japan, she immediately called her sister who had access to her backup. The head arrived the next morning just in time for their early start.

Then there was this:

Will The LPGA Be Here Next Year?


10 Responses to Wegmans LPGA Championship – Round Two

  1. Tommy G says:

    Grace with Louis Ex
    pertise made the cut Louie is a CUT MAKER

  2. rich (arizona) says:

    Probably my imagination but it seems like the women are getting worse and worse with their short games. The putting is atrocious. The number of short putts that Wie, Alexi, etc. miss is amazing. (Even with the missed putts Alexis is competitive.)

    The fall of Wie is another is rather surprising. I can see her not winning but geez, not even getting close to the cut line in most tournaments. Watching her putt is a nightmare.

    (I’d go and check the stats but the lpga web site is another disaster. As a computer person it is amazing how poor so many web sites are, it is as if they want to drive customers away. At least yours is clean and simple to navigate.)

    So with a new caddy Natalie’s game has fallen apart? She had two top 10s, a 17th and another top 30 in the 4 previous tournaments and now has missed cuts with some very poor scores. He must have been doing more than just caddying? LOL.

    • Frank Michaels says:

      ummm… either the the first caddy was keeping her ‘relaxed’, or the new one is wearing her “out’…

    • Barbara says:

      The late Erica B was another atrocious putter. She was a great iron striker but putted like a 20 handicapper.

      • barbwa, only ru would bringa up a dead golfer and criticize her putting, she should have been ” your” girl as she was an american…why isn’t wie ‘your’ girl, she is semi american

      • Barbara says:

        I love how you make fun at foreign players. Tha do tawkk fwunny, dwont thway.

      • Barbara says:

        Hey Jackie!
        Ru musta be sooo happeee. Anothah Asian playah ron again! Reer Numbah Won! Reer Numbah Won!

        I think it’s time for our American girls to start over and form their own golf league. We can call it The REAL LPGA. No foreigners allowed thank you very much (only applies to players, not caddies and other hired help LOL)!

      • babwa,worth is trying to set up the “american” tour but like the lpga there are no american sponsors..there are only about 7 american companies sponsoring the lpga….not the best

      • Barbara says:

        Rut Worth needa to doo isa get tha American girls like Kerr, Creamer, lexi, etc. to pway the American girl only tour!

        That way, the sponsors will follow the American girls and leave all the cheating foreign players behind (they can form their own cheating tour).

  3. Ozz says:

    All I can say for the final rounds on the LPGA, PGA, Champions and Nationwide Tours is, C’mon Aussies, C’mon C’mon.

    If Aussies are not equal leader they are Tied for 2nd.
    LPGA – Webb, PGA – O’Hearn, Champions – Senior,
    Nationwide – Gardiner.

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