Thought I Forgot?

Here is what I gleaned about the possible new event. There was more but it was just info on how to contribute as a sponsor.


Ohio should change its state motto to "Slow, Construction Ahead". Never seen so many orange barrels.

DIVORCE  – A vanity plate spotted in the area. What do you think, pro or con?

"Motorcycle" stopped in for a couple days and is now on his way driving the child care truck to Arkansas.

All those folks at The Open but we have the best seat in the house.

Anyone know how to contact Terry Engelman (aka Whole Wheat)?

Then there was this:

To a Tee: Feng’s win reiterates need for change in women’s game

LPGA facing a major decision | Golf Digest

China Makes Golf History Twice in One Week

Top-ranked Yani Tseng not ready to retire

Fred’s minutia of numbers“I’ve got a chart for every player who’s played in Rochester, an individual sheet on each…"


10 Responses to Thought I Forgot?

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Golf Digest article was interesting, but added nothing new to the conversation. It’s only a matter of time before a major HAS to be held in Asia, Say what you will and think what you want, but the reality is that. The market is there. Some of the best, most consistent players are from there. And most American players agree with promoting the tour, however and where ever possible ( it IS their paycheck, after all). I think 5 majors is one too many, and a sixth would dilute what a major tourney is about. But whatever it takes, I guess. hate to see women’s golf go the way of roller derby.

  2. scraper says:

    they had an asian vs international ryder cup format years ago, it was called the lexus cup. it lasted a couple of years. why does the U.S. always have to change, leave the solheim cup alone, and let these other countries put the money up and sponsor a ryder cup format event. trust me they won’t do it because their cultures are takers not givers.

  3. Dr. Zhivago says:

    I always hated “giving” a culture. That cotton swab in the back of my throat always made me gag…and how gross is it to see what lives on those petrie dishes, NO THANK YOU!

  4. Doctor Z. says:

    No offense to Stephen Petrie. I honestly don’t know what lives on his dishes!

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