Meet The Parents

Yesterday, we fired-up the grill at Ma and Pa Payne’s in Bellefontaine OH. Chad’s brother (the normal one) joined us along with the kids. Burgers and dogs were the main attraction accompanied by all the fixins. Visiting his folks is always a treat and something every looper who knows ICE should experience. Just don’t get too close to the back rail of the deck. It’s missing a few key pieces.

New iPhone for ICE. Conversations with Siri should be priceless.

My Facebook had gone haywire with Chrome. Wasn’t loading all the way so I couldn’t post anything. Logged out but still didn’t work. No problemo with IE but I hate using it. UUUGH! – Update: All fixed. Just deleted the cookies.

Took in a firearms show down the road. Not a whole lot to be seen but reminded me of a story about Jamie Hullett. She was in a pro-am and kept out-driving one of the guys. Eventually, she asked him if he had his ticket to the show. Not knowing the meaning of the query, she explained by flexing her miniscule bicep and said "The gun show".

‎"San Francisco looks like Beirut before the shelling but a lot more expensive". – David Feherty

I want a Bill Burger.

Then there was this:

Blumenherst Hopes For Big Mad Anthony Event


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