Open Recap & Jammin’ Caddies

Winning this Open was akin to snagging the last marble rye from Schnitzer’s. Don’t know why but that’s what came to mind.

Even though they were warned twice for slow play, the final group was never put on the clock. Think the USGA learned something from the LPGA fiasco? Not saying the rules should be ignored but they must have thought the situational gravitas wasn’t worth stepping in it.

All the hype over Beau Hossler and he wasn’t even the low amateur. Jordan Spieth was barley mentioned till it was evident Beau was gasping for his final breath.

Amazing how many guys missed the 18th fairway or the green with a wedge. Short doesn’t always mean easy.

Two caddies have been rejected at the Canadian border so far. I didn’t bother going. Not that I would have suffered a similar fate but I just wasn’t feelin’ it. Still at the ICE Palace.

Ain’t Facebook amazing? A guy who played with us in the Evian pro-am in 2006 found me. I was working for Bo Bae Song at the time and she had overindulged the night before. She was in no shape to socialize let alone play golf. Oh, the memories.

Just talked to a security investigator stationed in Vegas and I’ve been given a green light. Don’t ask.

Walked Chad’s dog Cooper around the neighborhood. A particular rock across the street caught his attention. Other dogs must have marked it as their territory so Cooper did the same but with a twist. He doubled-down with a squirt and dropping a deuce. Sweet!

There are many ways caddies unwind after a round. Usually it includes adult beverages but this time, musical instruments were added to the mix. Everyone light a candle and sway.

Anyone wish to name this group?

Then there was this:

The graduate: Michelle Wie leaves Stanford

LPGA star Paula Creamer asks Beau Hossler for a date via Twitter

Shin rallies on final day, wins Nichirei


9 Responses to Open Recap & Jammin’ Caddies

  1. rich (arizona) says:

    I found this quote to be pretty strange from Furyk. “”There’s no way to prepare for a hundred yards [change],” Furyk said. “To get to a tee box where the fairway makes a complete ‘L’ turn … I was unprepared and didn’t know exactly where to hit the ball off the tee. ”

    Don’t these guys get information on the course layout hours before they go on the course? Should they have plenty of time to review the yardages before they even start? Especially with a 3pm start.

    Also in the last women’s event I thought the tv announcer said that Na Yeon Choie was DQ after she had a couple of bad holes late in the round because she didn’t sign her score card.

    Do you know if that was true or what happened? Hopefully I got the name right.


    • lifeontour says:

      Re: Na Yeon Choi, one caddie speculated she WD’d so not to affect her Rolex ranking with a a bad score. No idea if that’s factual.

  2. Larry, even Canadian Dennis got his first job in 2 years!Haeji kang)…lots of locals this week. Who ever laid this course out was on some

  3. Cana-do or do not says:

    Silly Thoughts:
    Why is it that almost all of us can travel all over the world, visit(Communist countries, Muslim countries, almost every place the US has bombed to bits, Japan, Germany, to just name 2), but when it comes time to go into Canada its…”Oh no eh! ya better not let that one in, he drove drunk once in 1983 and we dont want no criminals up here eh!”
    I would postulate that we might stop the maple lovin menace from trickling down the front of the US trousers for a few winters and see how things go then…metaphorically speaking of course. 🙂
    With global warming it might not matter soon.
    The people up here are terrific!!!!!!!! but man the border really needs to relax. Its not like we plan on livin here.
    I mean-The chicks are way hot, but who can afford the beer? and without beer none of us have a chance at gettin any. Except for maybe Larry, and of course Chad.
    🙂 Peace

    • Barbara says:

      Wow! It must really suck when an entire country rejects you!

    • Ozz says:

      My view is that Canada is protecting their own workers with regards to jobs. I was frowned upon when entering Canada on a Aussie Passport and with a US Greencard (yes legit person Barb, no cheating).

      We are no different in Ozz. Awe protect our own, but overseas people can get work permits as long as they complete the forms correctly, which for some reason people fail to complete correctly. So when they arrive, they are rejected and back on the plane home.

  4. Name that Band contest;
    The Rough Dwellers or…
    The Grizzled Gripers or…

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