Something To Aim For

ICE got an update from one of the LPGA loopers working the Travelers Championship on the PGA Tour this week. So far, it looks like the caddie perks out there are a rung or two higher up the ladder than the LPGA. Go figure.

Not a bad list but still room for improvement. Winking smile

  • Caddie party with a rib-eye steak as the main course.
  • Pullover jacket.
  • Leather yardage book cover.
  • Raffle to pay for one caddie’s hotel for the week.
  • Complimentary laundry service. Just bring it to the course. In by 9 out by 5.

Then there was this:

Inkster returning to LPGA after injuries

Kane not going anywhere

Even rivals are cheering for Lindsey Smith

Don’t Drink The Water: Study Warns Drinking From Garden Hose – The coffee in Mobile was made with hose water until multiple complaints made them switch. Toledo is the same way.


6 Responses to Something To Aim For

  1. Barbara says:

    Well thats to be expected. People actually pay money to buy PGA tournament tix. For LPGA tournaments, you can’t even give away the tix lol!

  2. Frank Michaels says:

    Nice interview between Foltz and Feng yesterday on the GC. Short. Simple questions. Concise clear answers. Wonder if Foltz reads your blog…??

    • Most of you on here don’t realize that most of the asian players speak english, there is actually a tutor who helps the players with there english, so its not like they don’t try to assimilate themselves to our culture. So an ignorant comment like barbwa makes about the way they speak is just that. I doubt that babwa could go to a foreign country for 6 months and speak reasonable with the locals….they revert to short answers because they lack the confidence to speak the language. I K Kim speaks great english and she took the time and effort to do so. , some “american” players lets say Mishee Wie speak valley girl english and to me thats as bad as asians speaking english,,oh thats right wiesie is american…i forgot,,she speak much korean

    • Barbara says:

      Foltz: You cheat. You win. You happy?
      Foreign LPGA Playah: Oh yess!

      Pretty simple questions and concise clear answers!

      • babawa, u musta vota for obama san….put a border around your town so yu can’t get out please

      • Barbara says:

        You musta be a stupida foreigner.

        I’ma Republican and itsa Romney that will keep all the illegal foreigners outa the country!

        Hopefully he can do the same for the LPGA when he’s elected Pres!

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