Manulife Classic – Round One/Two

They’ll be playing till dark and beyond but good weather should let them catch up tomorrow.

Looks like a decent sized crowd will be on hand for the weekend.

Can the fairways get any more expansive? Maybe it’s just the wide-screen Samsung I’m viewing the tourney on.

Question: With the LPGA struggling to land new events, why are some big names skipping this week?

It’s tough watching The Golf Channel coverage.

Moody’s has downgraded the LPGA website to junk status.Thumbs down

Out with the old to make room for the new. It was a clean sweep at the ICE Palace. The local Salvation Army store is now sporting a new line of “Cheeseburger Chad” classics.

Ma and Pa Payne stopped in for a visit. Took Cooper back to Bellefontaine along with a trailer full of goodies.

Then there was this:

Sandra Changkija tops leaderboard in suspended Manulife – “California Tom” is on the bag.

Home not so sweet for Canadians

She’s just Jenny from the block

How Tseng, Lewis stack up statistically

Groundskeepers work while others sleep

Caddie hides 15th club in bushes, player disqualified


5 Responses to Manulife Classic – Round One/Two

  1. Phil says:

    It’s a shame that caddie lost his gig. Yes he made a mistake. A mistake he will NEVER make again. Give him another chance. Show some humanity. Spain’s economy is horrible. Yeah, he tried to cover up his mistake with another one but give the guy a break. Just sayin’…

    • AlexC says:

      I agree for this case I believe a punishment like six month suspention would do, then of course if a similar serious infraction would be committed again then you can ban a caddy or player frm the Tour.
      @Barbara: obviously in this case it really appears that the player was unaware of having 15 clubs in his bag,so I don’t understand the assumption he was cheating, so just a disqualification from this tournament I think is fine.
      The Tournament is played in Germany where all players except of Germans are foreigners, inclusive of the ones from the US of A, honestly most of the public don’t regard the non-Euro tour players competing in the European Tour being foreigners.

      Thank you Larry for posting interesting views on the world of golf.

  2. Barbara says:

    Gotta love yet another foreign playah trying to cheat their way around on a golf course. It’s in their cultures I tell ya….

  3. Panjang Dan Lurus says:

    @ Barbara – do you often mis-comprehend the content of the story to engage your contempt for foreigner’s? The “foreign playah”, as you call him, clearly had noting to do with the incident.

  4. Bill says:

    It\’s not well remembered, but 40 years ago(1972) both the PGA and LPGA Tours had cheating scandals.

    The PGA Tour involved a Colombian player named Rogelio Gonzales. At the N. Orleans Open, Gonzales changed his score on one hole in order to enable him to make the cut. The PGA Tour suspended him and so far as I know Gonzales never played the tour again.

    The LPGA Tour tried to suspend Jane Blalock, at the time the tour\’s leading money winner for 1972, accusing her of improperly marking her ball on a regular basis. Blalock rather than accept the suspension, filed a anti-trust lawsuit against the LPGA due to her suspension being handed down by her fellow players. In 1974 Blalock had her day in court and won. The LPGA settled the suit in 1975.

    Jane Blalock finished her LPGA career with 27 wins, tied for the most wins of any Tour player not in the Hall of Fame. Since Blalock never won a player, nor was ever player of the year, she can only be voted into the HOF. Something that is about as likely to happen as it is for snow to fall in Florida in June IMHO.

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