1st In Class

What a way to get your first win! Congrats to Brittany Lang and her brother Luke who toted the sack. Way to much game for such a long wait.

Copious amounts of coffee, a sausage egg McMuffin (hold the cheese) and two dogs with mustard and relish – from the QT on the outskirts of St. Louis – satiated my apatite till arriving in Arkansas.

I watched the outside temperature reading all the way. Started out at a very comphy 63° but slowly climbed to 99° once I got to Missouri and held steady from there. Bounced to 101° for a bit but not for long.

Just after passing the Gateway Arch, a lady passed me sporting a vanity plate that read MEW MEW and decorative trappings around her headlights resembling eyelashes.

That QT had the best gas prices I’ve seen in awhile. $3.09.9! That’s more like it. Almost as good here. Only nine more cents at Sam’s Club.


9 Responses to 1st In Class

  1. DaVinner says:

    What’s a QT?

  2. HI! says:

    Quik Trip convenience stores.

  3. Frank Michaels says:

    Great for Miss Lang…it was a great final 6 holes in regulation…those Canadian fans turn out on droves…perhaps another tourney or two in Canada could help the tour…

  4. Tommy G says:

    When I was on Tour the Canadian Tourney’s were FAR better than any other event we had

    Good Luck in Samville


    • Frank Michaels says:

      that Whan person should look into that…

      • we have more events(2) in canada then Fla, texas, Penn, Mass, NC, SC,,,,,,combined. what wrong with that picture?

      • Frank Michaels says:

        who knows Asian…marketing, the economy, lack of interest in female sports in America (even beach volleyball has taken a hit), the “wrong” group of players dominating on the tour, the list is endless for a reason…

      • Barbara says:

        Better yet, Whan should support Blackwelder and create an all-American tour. You know, what the LPGA used to be back in the day. USA! USA! No cheaters allowed! USA!

  5. babwa, whan cant find sponsors for the lpga so he should get sponsors for a competing tour..haha..u so funny….maybe the american cheaters will be arowwed to pray there..

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