Walmart NW Arkansas Championship – Thursday

The club repair trailer was a hot spot of jocularity this morning. Situated on the way to the first tee, it acted as the on-deck circle for the next group to tee it up. Paul was in rare form. It was one zinger after another but Jimin Kang came up with the best line by far. Sorry, can’t share it with the peanut gallery.

How hot was it? It was so hot, caddies have been asked to refrain form lounging on the practice putting greens retrieving putts and such. It took an oppressive heat wave to do what many players and caddies have been wishing for.

Then there was this:

Stacy Lewis Gives $100000 to Arkansas Golf Program

Suzann Pettersen To Bare All For ESPN’s ‘Body Issue’

Americans few and far between in women’s golf


6 Responses to Walmart NW Arkansas Championship – Thursday

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Pinning the golfing hopes of our nation on just 2 golfers aren’t really good odds.

  2. rich (arizona) says:

    Personally I find Pettersen to be too fit. I saw her up close in Arizona a few years ago and she seemed seriously ripped in her arms and what else I could see. Not my thing but obviously others might like that.

    Did Tom Abbott get demoted? I’m not saying he was great but this Crispin guy certainly doesn’t follow women’s golf. I had to cringe big time when he mentioned how you don’t see any emotions from Stacy Lewis. Couple him with Jane Crafter and it is tough to listen to.
    Where is Judy or Kay when you need them?

    • cannuck says:

      I wonder especially after the f… mw comment

      • Frank Michaels says:

        I was thinking that also, about Abbott. Ever hear Johnny Miller call women’s golf…?? Last years US Open was classic, as he was surprised as can be at the skill level of the players. Especially the final twosome. I think Crafter does a good job. Yet nobody can compete with Rankin.

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