Walmart NW Arkansas Championship – Round One

Tomorrow is Saturday and the leaders will not be going head-to-head. So sad. I guess it’s all about premier TV pairings. Scores don’t matter?

Didn’t take long for caddies to ignore the request to stay off the practice putting greens. An instructor was even spotted flaunting the petition.

A sprinkler blew out right in the middle of four fairway which made the primary landing area eligible for the next on location shoot of Swamp People. The tee was moved way forward to accommodate the imposition. This is one of the holes used to measure driving distances so I’m sure they made adjustments.

Ran into Stacy P’s dad today. Lou caddied for his daughter when she first arrived on scene and was toting the bag with her first win. He’s still looks in good shape and followed her around today.

It was a fight to the bottom between two roommates today. The eldest won out even though the hallowed DFL position was not attained. Only one way to go tomorrow.

It’s Juli Inkster’s first week back after surgery. Paired her with Stacy Lewis and Michelle Wie. Welcome back Juli!

All week it’s been free bottled water for everyone at the course courtesy of Walmart. Also, thousands of Chilly Pad Towels were given away to combat the heat.

At 12:20, caddies were notified that the heat index had risen high enough to make the caddie bibs optional but given that they’re white, constructed of a mesh material and offer convenient pockets, many loopers still donned them.

And another thing about the LPGA website: When you click on a player in live scoring, their card comes up along with a picture and a "Learn more…" link. Click on the link and instead directing you to the "Overview" of the player, it goes to the Player Directory. Never used to be that way.

Shanshan needs to update her web picture.

I have an alternate phone number using Google Voice and have it set-up to record voice messages. It also converts any messages to text then sends it to my regular number. Got one today from a person who’s use of the English language can only be described as extremely broken with an Asian accent. The text was hilarious! Only bits and pieces could be deciphered but I eventually  figured it out.

Best dressed caddie award goes to Andy Deardon. Shows you can still be cool when it’s 100°.

Andy red white and blue

It’s not even the 4th of July

Then there was this:

BlackBerry maker RIM posts huge loss and cuts 5000 jobs – Heard they gave each player a blackberry last week.

Four LPGA Players Nominated for 2012 ESPY Awards

Michigan officials fight drunk driving with talking urinal cakes – You can’t make tis stuff up. Hold on. May be an idea there for use in the on-course port-o-lets especially if they use player’s voices.


4 Responses to Walmart NW Arkansas Championship – Round One

  1. Heero rarry, must lafa at lpga memo that greens speed is 12 afta watering greens all night…my caddie contacts tell me thats hirarious

    • Barbara says:

      It’s all good. My contacts tell me that green speeds make no difference when it comes to foreigners cheating on the course!

      • LoJo says:

        Barbara….I’ve read repeated posts of yours commenting on “foreigners” cheating. You seem obsessed with this. Did foreigner, Annika Sorenstam, cheat? Foreigner, Karrie Webb? Or is it only Asian “foreigners” who allegedly cheat? Just wondering.

      • Ozz says:


        your becoming boring with the same old same old comments.

        Look forward to your reply to LoJo’s question!

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