Walmart NW Arkansas Championship – Round Two

Earlier reports of making the 4th fairway more playable were unfounded. The tee was only moved up a dozen yards. Many mud balls.

Four WDs in two days. Must be the heat. Kudos to Stephanie Kono for not doing the same.

Watched Inkster tee off number one after making the turn. By her reaction, she still has that competitive fire burning inside. It wasn’t a good shot and you knew it.

How can the Symetra Tour website be much more readable and easier to navigate than the LPGA site?

Then there was this:

Storm damage bars golf fans from AT&T National – It was weird watching. Looked like a practice round. A vociferous gallery makes a huge difference.

Fan Takes Off Prosthetic Leg For LPGA Player to Sign


8 Responses to Walmart NW Arkansas Championship – Round Two

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Its a good thing that fan didn’t have some other “removable part’…

  2. Dr. Richard Kimble says:

    ….Like a Glass eye, or false eyelashes, or a hair piece, or breast implants, or a hip implant, a metal plate in his head, Finger nail extenders, really hard snot or maybe even ear wax! Now THAT would be tough to sign!!!

  3. Barbara says:

    That was a boring LPGA event to watch. A foreigner must have won the tournament. I bet Worth Blackwelder’s tour would get more fans in the US than the LPGA.

    • Frank Michaels says:

      considering the fact that 40 Americans missed the cut, and one WD…the result isn’t that astonishing…plus Filibert added a nice touch…unlike Michelle Wie…

  4. Ozz says:

    A good International Top 10 finish. With players from Japan (winner), Spain, Venezuela, Sth Korea, USA, Sweden, Australia, Scotland.

    Those players who finsihed in front of Lang must have cheated going by Barbara, and those who finished in front of the next US Player (T-14) also must have cheated.

    Just sour grapes by Barbara. Her head is so far stuck up herself.

    What’s she going to say when the Olympics begin, and when a US competitor is beaten, the winning competitor must have cheated.That’s Barbara’s logic to US ever winning.

  5. Tommy G says:

    Larry, Any new news What were the jockey changes???

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