Empty Seats

Why so many at The Open? I was there the last time and the galleries were impressive. The line of autos – backed-up along the highway – was reminiscent of the final scene from Field of Dreams. Maybe the weekend will makeup for it.

I’ll give you an example of the type of folks in that part of the country and compare that with your area. On my 1998 visit, I remember getting coffee at a gas station/convenience store and the experience blew me away. The coffee was situated out of sight from the register and in an effort to keep things moving, if all you were purchasing was coffee, you paid by the honor system. A cigar box sat next to the coffee machine and you left your money inside. if you needed change, you made it yourself. Plenty of bills and coins just sitting there for the taking but no one did. That’s the way it ought to be.

Looks like slow play has reared its ugly head once more. Six hour rounds are typical at The Open unfortunately. Too many players lacking the pedigree to score well on such a difficult course. But is it that difficult? Plenty of red on the board.

When we played the British in ’07 at St. Andrews, the afternoon groups took seven freaking hours and didn’t finish! I worked for Dina Ammaccapane and we were in the first group. Played in 4:20.

OMG! Judy, please stop talking over the action.

Comparing the LPGA scoreboard with the one on the USGA site, I opt for the latter. The more expansive stats for each player’s performance are a delight. The LPGA site taxes my eyes. The dark blue background is a killer. I know you’ve heard that before but it’s just awful.

Welcome To The Family

I’ve taken a temporary position at Fallen Oak. They started an On Call Caddie program through the parent company MGM. A background check, drug test and full day of orientation were mandatory. Completed the final phase yesterday which was held at the Beau Rivage.

Along with a complete explanation of the hotel operations and policies, we were given the dime tour and lunched in the hotel cafeteria which was the highlight for us all. What a spread! Something to satisfy every appetite. If I worked at the hotel, my stretch-belt would definitely come in handy at meal time.

As always, I see humor in most situations and this was no different. As were were taking the tour, genuine greetings from current employees were offered to the "new hires" which flashed my memory to the movie Shawshank Redemption. When a bus load of new inmates were paraded to their cells for their first night in stir, howls of "Fresh fish! Fresh fish!" echoed through the cell block. Of course there’s no comparison but that’s what came to mind.

Then there was this:

Rags-to-riches story at US Women’s Open

Golf Course Turning Cooking Oil Into Biodiesel « CBS Dallas / Fort


9 Responses to Empty Seats

  1. glounthaune says:

    Why so many empty seats .. have you seen the temperatures ? 100 F + ,it’s too hot to be outside in Wisconsin right now.

  2. Awsi Dooger says:

    Yes, multiple sites feature spectator reports emphasizing the unbearable weather conditions. Apparently the TV commentators are softening the situation. Supposedly it’s not an ideal walking course for spectators to begin with, and under these conditions the lack of shade prompts fans to leave early.

    Whenever Michael Whan is interviewed, all I can think about is his disastrous website and how anyone with a fleck of competence could allow it to continue. Every review is negative so it has to be stubbornness or unconcern.

    Literally every time I visit that site I find a switch for the worse, multiple clicks required when there should be none. For example, in checking the current season’s results for a specific player they show the round by round scores in the most recent event only. For the events prior to that only the finishing position is detailed, like T43, along with money won. You have to click on an up-down arrow to view the scores from each round.

    How could anyone think that’s a change for the better? On the Symetra site the player’s scores from each tournament are readily available within a small area with a wonderfully plain white background.

    Here’s an example. This vs. This:



  3. ah rarry, 29 asians including 7 american asians made crut at open champ…once again asians rule! maybe move this event to korea to be atrue world open with more spectators..neva that hot in korea

  4. rich says:

    While the USGA site is much easier to read I had to click way too many links to get to the scoring. Unless I missed something there was no scoring on the main page and no direct link to the scores.

    Neither the LPGA nor USGA sites had any way to sort based on today’s scores which I found strange.

    The heat has been brutal in many areas. I think here in MD we are in a stretch of 7+ days of near 100 degree temps. Making things worse was the prolong power outage for too many of us. Mine was out 5+ days.

    All too often they put someone in charge of a web site who knows nothing and doesn’t even use the site. Every time yahoo or google updates their sites it seems like things run slower and are harder to find, especially google reader and email.

  5. Frank Michaels says:

    The TV coverage Part 2: what in the world is going on. Did Rankin, Strange, North, Cockrill, miss the cut…?? They were there the other day, now gone. Although Sat’s coverage was a bit more sane, without all the talking. I just wish the word “grinder” would stop,
    Poor Wie. On Friday she is queen for a day, On Saturday she’s a has-been, again. Looks like Tseng has a case of Wietitis…

  6. Ken says:

    Agree with your comments about the LPGA Web site. It stinks.

  7. C. Morgan says:

    I agree that the LPGA website is terrible. Sure would be nice if someone at LPGA HQ would listen to the fans and fix it. The true fans are the ones trying to use it.

  8. Panjang Dan Lurus says:

    @Frank – ??? It seems Dan (Mr. annoying) Hicks picked up where Judy left off. He is so full of himself I think he thinks we watch the “show” just to listen to him. He couldn’t stop talking during the start of every Olympic swim event and yesterday he was just like a “blue haired” old lady only with more BS stories and bylines than even an old lady has. Listen carefully and I’m sure you’ll get to hear them all again today. Bet you get to hear about how Lizette Salas and her dad had to drive all the way from California to Arkansas and then, drive all the way from Arkansas to Kohler and what a “grinding” experience that must have been.

    RE: Poor Wie??

    (1) Wie is not poor. She made Millions off of Nike, McDonald’s and KIA ads. If she were poor I think it would give her more incentive to play well at her “chosen” profession. Hell, if I had 10’s of Millions stashed in the bank I’d certainly not want to take on the “grinding” challenge of living out of a bag every week just to participate in a golf event that means little or nothing to me.

    (2) Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

    @asianjackie – You have obviously never been to Korea in the Summer – it gets downright oppressive there on occasion.

    LPGA website is absolute CRAP!

  9. tom thorpe says:

    ever so slightly

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