The Ultimate Golfing Experience?

From by Bill Hanstock • Jul 9, 2012 10:18 PM EDT

The city of Detroit has definitely fallen on hard times. But sometimes, when life hands you lemons … you should just play golf. One reporter recently took it upon himself to take advantage of the vast expanse of abandoned Motor City real estate and play a custom course with a par of 3,168….

LeDuff golfs his way through endless stretches of emptiness and many poverty-stricken neighborhoods in 100-degree weather, while taking thousands of strokes and trying not to lose track of his ball. He meets scores of Detroit residents and sheds some light on just how desolate the city has become.

Trump would do wonders with this layout.

Fallen Oak will be closed till next week for maintenance. I’m going urban hunting.

Then there was this:

Trump Opens Scottish Golf Course as Critical Film Hits Cinemas

DUI Nugent drummer steals golf cart after –

The naked truth: sex can sell the LPGA

A classic case of swift Twitter justice for LPGA’s Kim


13 Responses to The Ultimate Golfing Experience?

  1. Ozz says:

    They will need to come up with some novel idea for sex to sell the LPGA, like Jan Stephenson in a bathtub of golf balls.

  2. Frank Michaels says:

    It’s time for an LPGA calender…
    I’d list my 12 players, but that’s up to the moderator of the site…

    • lifeontour says:

      Don’t hold back Frank but make sure you’re politically correct. 😉

      • Frank Michaels says:

        leaving out Gulbis, Gal and Pettersen…

        Paula Creamer, Paige McKenzie, Belen Mozo, Jimin Kang, Ai Miyazato, Morgan Pressel. Pornanong Phatlum, Beatriz Recari, Mariajo Uribe, So Yeon Ryu, Amy Yang, Fill in the blank_____

  3. jrboca says:

    Isn’t it pitiful that Dottie Pepper gets roasted by the media because she says that the Asians outwork the American players! All you have to do is visit the range and course on mondays and on wednesdays for the E 9…….sometimes the truth hurts and we all know ” you can’t handle the truth”

  4. Mike Troublefield says:

    Hey Larry,
    Wanted to let you know about my life on tour. I’ m in Salt Lake City working for Peter Tomasulo. He was the winner a couple weeks ago with my buddy Roosevelt on the bag. I got the call when i was at The Open in Sheboygan. We played good today, two under. We have a couple of weeks off on the L. I need a couple weeks off. As i was resting today in my room i got a TEXT. I am no longer working for MJ. We had a good run, if anyone is looking , i am not interested in going to Evian. I will be looking to start up in Toledo. I might work or who knows over seas.. So add me on the list of caddies looking, tell your friends.


    • jrboca says:

      just pitiful how todays current lpga players don’t have the balls to call their caddie to let them go….maybe dad should be fired for letting her play with no 3 wood in a/c…that was hilarious…another father who has never played golf dictating to the daughter what to do….never ceases to amaze me. Good luck Mike

  5. lifeontour says:

    Hey Mike, the Rolex bib is open. Does she have your number?

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