Wash Out!

For the second day in a row t-storms spoiled the fun at Fallen Oak. Three of us looped for some very special clientele today but only managed to get in six holes. Yesterday was worse. No work. Looks like a repeat for the next couple days. Rain rain go away…

Then there was this:

Caddy for a Cure being helped by Lexi Thompson and Stacy Lewis

Friday at The Farr: Klinger’s Club to debut on 14th hole – Sounds like a good time.

LPGA golfers share the game


9 Responses to Wash Out!

  1. rich says:

    I assume it can make things rather awkward when a caddy kind of talks a player into doing something they don’t really want to and it backfires? I’m referring to the 6th hole with Tiger and his caddy. Seemed like he was contemplating one thing but the caddy said something along the lines of “he (some other player) did that yesterday”.

    Anyhow all this Tiger stuff and wearing red on Sundays is tiresome. Maybe he needs to start wearing all white any time he isn’t in a lead on Sundays since he never comes from behind on a major.

    Hopefully now they will stop showing Tiger all day today since he is done.

  2. bocajr says:

    how long has Paul Azinger been playing golf? He’s 52 yrs old and for 3 and a half days he’s been saying players can take an unplayable lie from a bunker and drop outside the bunker..wow…thats totally wrong and how could ESPN go that long and not have the right answer and correct him! He was bitching about the tweeters being idiots and maybe an “idiot” tweeter got him the right ruling. Only 2 options when taking unplayable in bunker…take 2 clublengths and drop in bunker or go back to the spot you hit the previous shot with a penalty shot….DUHHHH

    • Book'em Danno says:

      Azinger really shouldn’t keep this job after that gigantic screw-up! From his playing days, never thought I’d “like” Curtis, but he is really insightful and knowledgable and listenable (ala Johnny M.) And Mike Tirico…..can’t he ever shut-up? Hate him on all sports, and he often forces me to the mute button. Also regarding Azinger…. he’ll often drop his slanted political leanings into a golf broadcast, almost forcing me to throw objects at the screen. Much like Al “Do you believe I’m a miracle?” Michaels.

    • Ozz says:

      I bet PGA Players don’t even carry a rules books in the bag, as they just call for a rules official. Get Robert O out there for rules seminar’s.

  3. Ozz says:

    28 – Ball Unplayable

    The player may deem his ball unplayable at any place on the course, except when the ball is in a water hazard. The player is the sole judge as to whether his ball is unplayable.
    If the player deems his ball to be unplayable, he must, under penalty of one stroke:
    a. Proceed under the stroke and distance provision of Rule 27-1 by playing a ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played (see Rule 20-5); or
    b. Drop a ball behind the point where the ball lay, keeping that point directly between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped, with no limit to how far behind that point the ball may be dropped; or
    c. Drop a ball within two club-lengths of the spot where the ball lay, but not nearer the hole.

    If the unplayable ball is in a bunker, the player may proceed under Clause a, b or c. If he elects to proceed under Clause b or c, a ball must be dropped in the bunker.
    When proceeding under this Rule, the player may lift and clean his ball or substitute a ball.

    • Frank Michaels says:

      Golf rules are as confusing as Obamacare…

    • bocajr says:

      the real question is how did ESPN let him tell the wrong rule for 3 and a half days..he finally admitted he was incorrect after Tiger made the turn and they had replayed his bunker shot on 6 for the 100th time…Tirico and the rest of the crew had no clue either and that is a shock.

    • Book'em Danno says:

      Wake up ESPN! Fire Paul Azinger. He’s a monumental embarrassment to you. ESPN puts him out there to the public as their “expert”. I bet Tiger and Joe L wish they’d seen how McDowell handled same thing. Tap it back a few feet, then a simple up and in for bogey. They knew not to take a drop and have it pancake in the sand. Of course millions at home were screaming at Tiger and his caddie to listen to Paul A. ESPN, you’re at fault. Fix it.

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