Hot, Hot, Hot

Summertime in the south, where underwear finds a place to stick to like nowhere else.

anti monkey butt

One Way To Go

Then there was this:

LPGA Legends event at The Rail scratched for this year – No money? Sounds familiar.

Daytona police find meth lab at LPGA; couple arrested

Piyathida Chaiyapan to Compete in LPGA Jamie Farr Toledo Classic Qualifier

Yani Tseng draws media attention at London Olympic Park

World No. 1 Yani Tseng battling "slump," expectations

Six former greats to be inducted into UK Athletics Hall of Fame – Congrats to Nancy Scranton.

2016 Rio Games: Golf’s Olympic Odyssey Begins Anew – Barbara, how are they going to monitor the cheaters? Smile


16 Responses to Hot, Hot, Hot

  1. Tommy G says:

    Do you wear jumps suits ??? Or can you loop in shorts??

  2. Barbara says:

    SImple Larry. Make it an all-American event! 🙂

  3. J Wake says:

    Who knew Tseng won the Solheim twice on her own!! Pity she cheated by saying she was either Europe or USA born ;).

  4. J Wake says:

    Good to see those fine upstanding, non cheating Americans brewing up a batch under the noses of the LPGA.

  5. Mike Troublefield says:

    Hi Larry,

    They always say, if you don’t have a job by first day of tournament show up anyway,who knows what might happen. I didn’t get a job at event in Omaha, Neb. I still call it the Nationwide tour, sometimes on purpose the other times for the hell of it. I also failed to show up Thursday morning where there was a job available. A caddy missed his tee time and was replaced by the first alternate caddy. I just hope the caddy who missed his tee time is alright, poor fellow. The big hole here in Omaha is hole number? Hole number nine is a 315 yard par 4. It plays 10 yards downhill to front of green, so to the front it plays 294 yards. This is like a long, very long par “3 to these guys. This is what i’m getting at, if there is an eagle ag that particular hole beers are $1.00. This is a birdie fest for these guy’s this week. I fortunately got work for the next 3 weeks on the LPGA. I will be working with a young rookie on tour, she is 18 yo Victoria Tanco. See you in Toledo.

    Country Club

  6. ahh Mikesan, so glada u gotta job for 3 weeks….Portland and Vancouver are much nicer then

  7. Ozz says:

    Usain Bolt is ALL Class. During an interview with a Spanish reporter after winning Gold in the 100m sprint, he stopped the interview whilst the American National Anthem was being played. After the anthem was finished, he continued with the interview.

    Watch it:

  8. Tommy G says:

    John Fienstien suggested that Adam Scott fire his Superstar caddy…Maybe the Electric One will get the CALL

  9. Frank Michaels says:

    What in the world has happened to Yani Tseng…?? I know golf gets in your head and all that, but was she really just a good player on a good run, and now it’s over…??

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