On The Frontlines

Commissioner Whan met with the caddies this week to discuss the tour.  A tentative schedule for next year was offered which included the possibility of four new events plus China. Also, caddies were asked to assist with a faster pace of play.

Another subjected touched on was respect for your fellow caddies and players. Case in point: A tour veteran had a late tee time this week and wished to warm-up on the range. She found the practice area (one of the smallest on tour) full of players who had already completed their round and no one willing to offer-up their spot. Out of frustration she went off (good for her), giving them a good piece of her mind but it seemed to fall on deaf and clueless ears. The rules of common courtesy have gone by the wayside it seems

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Look it up ladies.

Then there was this:

Golf’s mental lapses appear to haunt LPGA’s top player

Wendy Doolan retires from competitive golf

LPGA To Embattled Kiawah Island Media: We Have Valet Parking


17 Responses to On The Frontlines

  1. Ozz says:

    I always understood it was a rule at each tournament, no matter if it was in Corning or Seaview, that players who still had to play had priority over those who had either played or were just practicing.

    Sorry to hear Wendy Doolan is retiring from competetive golf.Wish her well in whatever she does.

  2. bocajr says:

    the young players today have no etiquette and it is doubtful stuff like that is even discussed when they get their cards

  3. Ozz says:

    Barbara won’t be happy, So-Yeon Ryu romps home by 7 strokes after closing with 62. Gee, All foreigners except for 2 make up the Top 10 placings.

    Jamie (Klinger) Farr will feel at home having that many Asians on the top of the Leaderboard.

    • J Wake says:

      She cheated, of course – cue rolling eyes ‘smiley’!

    • Barbara says:

      I won’t be happy until all the Asians play on their Asian tours and leave the LPGA ones alone.

      It’s bad enough they cheat to win but now they won’t let others use the range. No one wants to watch cheating foreigners, especially NOT in the USA.

  4. Ozz says:

    More bad news for Barbara, 15 yr old New Zealand Lydia Ko, just won the US Women’s Amateur Championship on the weekend, adding more to her already impressive CV. By the way, Lydia is Korean born.

    Lydia is the World’s top-ranked amateur, along with being the best amateur at this years US Women’s Open and in March ’12, she became the youngest winner, male or female, on the professional circuit when she won the Samsung/Bing Lee NSW Women’s Open, which had a top class international field including Laura Davies.

    Look out when she gets to play on the LPGA Tour.

    • Barbara says:

      That’s what I’m sayin. It’s a sad day when foreigners are allowed to compete in an AMERICAN Amateur Championship.

      Hope Worth gets his all-AMERICAN tour set up soon. No foreigners needed!

      • bocajr says:

        dont hold your breath…u have a better chance of winning the powerball

      • J Wake says:

        You should enjoy watching all those second rate, or worse, players who can’t make it anywhere else.

      • Barbara says:

        Give me 2nd rate American players over foreigners who can’t speak a word of Engrish ANYTIME.

        Oh, it looks like a lot of American company sponsors agree with me. I don’t see sponsors lining up to support the LPGA. Do you? Didn’t think so!

      • Frank Michaels says:

        One can never knock Barbara for her patriotism and loyalty to our country. Yet for me, this is sport. As a spectator, I want to see the better players. The high skill level. The competion. Yes it sucks not being able to follow a leaderboard when all the names look the same, and you can’t even pronounce them. So to when the winner interview is pathetic ( although I did become smitten with Na Young Choi ). Yet what options are there. A second class tour featuring players that are 3 handicaps…?? I can see that at my club championship. As for the sponsers the money goes where the money is. It may become All Asia at some point. Unless our ladies pick up the level of play, we are all SOL…

      • Panjang Dan Lurus says:

        Barbara you should start you’re own league –

        It can be called “Barbara’s Inferior Golf Official Tour” (BIGOT) where only 3 handicaps or higher are allowed and the competition stinks. Each weeks winner receives a gallon of vanilla ice cream and wins immunity from practice the following week. Course marshal’s could hide “idols” (small toy dolls of the previous years LPGA winners) in the rough, and when found, these could be turned in for a hidden immunity credit, a free ice cream cone, or a free you get to deduct 1 stroke off your round card.

        Barbara you can serve as the “Tribal Council” (sounds kinda foreign doesn’t it?) and man the scorers tent to check ID’s and handicap’s to catch those cheating low handicappers and to make sure no one walks away with those reusable idol dolls.

        Bet ESPN and The Golf channel would be tripping over themselves to throw money at an event of this magnitude.

        Well, maybe not.

        As Frank say’s, “money goes where the money is” So unless the ladies pick up the level of play we are all SEOUL.

  5. babwa, the next wave of young korean players are all born in the usa and are american citizens..so the kangs, choi, parks will be AMERICANS..what will you do then?

    • Ozz says:

      The eyes will have it …lol

    • Barbara says:

      Well, if they’re born in the USA, then they aren’t FOREIGNERS, are they? DUH!!!!!!

      Pretty stupid comment for a foreigner on your part. DUH!!!!

      As Americans, they’ll learn about playing with honor and respect, NOT how to cheat!

  6. scraper says:

    i love asianjackiechan.

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