Place Your Bets – NOT!

The need to cash a check found myself at the Island View Casino in Gulfport. Had to apply for a check-cashing card to get the dough and I was approved in seconds. Included was a $15,000 credit limit at the Island View! Lucky for me the tawdry setting of gambling establishments are a major turn off. I’ll keep my cash thank you.

Moved out of my extended stay motel on Monday to a studio apartment in D’Iberville. It’s  a country setting (horses on one side and a wildlife refuge on the other) but just a short jaunt from economic civilization. Cut off twenty miles from my round-trip commute to Fallen Oak each day. Even comes with Netflix access (watched Ronin today) which makes up for the crappy basic cable TV. Had to buy a WI-FI extender to boost the signal but I knew that going in. I may spring for a flat screen next.

Was offered a job for Canada but turned it down.

Met two guys (not together) who used to follow the LPGA but like many others, have focused their interests elsewhere due to the Asian invasion. Not racist, just reality. It’s the same reason NBC centered on the US contestants during the Olympics. Home grown is what I’m talkin’ about.

Then there was this:

Barb Mucha wins LPGA Legends Tour event in Jackson on first playoff hole over

Cast revealed for Golf Channel’s Big Break Greenbrier

With future up in air, Allison Hanna returns to her hometown event, the

35% IN MISSISSIPPI OBESE! – Home sweet home.Open-mouthed smile


21 Responses to Place Your Bets – NOT!

  1. Ozz says:

    Nothing has changed in 12 years of American broadcasting of Olympics. In the Sydney 2000 Olympics, if there were no USA athletes competing, they did not show the event. So we missed out on seeing many events.

    It was disgusting when they did not show the 1500 metres freestyle, in which Kieran Perkins (Aust) won the event. This event is equal to the road marathon.

  2. bocajr says:

    ozz, hate to tell you this, but americans don’t care to watch an event thats tape delayed where an american doesn’t

  3. Ozz says:

    bocajr, I agree, but they don’t give an option of watching LIVE, as americans need their beauty sleep or Bold and the Beautiful.

    No different here in Oz. For London Olympics we had 12 hrs LIVE and 12 Hrs of replay for free to air, no matter if an Aussie was competing or not. Then Pay TV, was 8 different channels live. Not sure about replays, as I don’t have Pay TV.

  4. Creamy says:

    People love to complain that Americans only want to watch their own, but that’s true all over the world. Did you know the biggest rated Australian Opens in Australia are the ones that featured Australian players? The Stanley Cup finals that do well in Canada are the ones that feature Canadian teams. No one in Canada cares to watch the LA Kings play the Carolina Hurricanes, but they will watch the Calgary Flames play the Montreal Canadiens .

    This isn’t a case of “The Ugly American”, NBC knows that people won’t watch hours of programming based on people that don’t know, and have no emotional connection to. The Olympics is built upon a foundation of patriotism, and NBC plays into that. I don’t blame them, there’s a reason why they actually turned a profit with their strategy.

  5. Barbara says:

    Homegrown is what I’m talkin about too! If you aren’t born in the USA, you should NOT be allowed to play in the LPGA.

    The fact is we Americans do NOT care about any foreigners. They don’t speak Engrish, they cheat, and embody un-American values.

    The Republicans have the right idea about kicking all these illegal immigrants out of the USA. We need to make this happen!!!

  6. babwa, many young korean americans are already here and coming to the lpga/ They are american citizens, speak english and korean and are eligible for the solheim cup…u musta be very pisssseda offfa

    • Barbara says:

      Korean americans are AMERICAN citizens! Duh!!! Even a stupid foreigner should know that by now. No wonder foreigners need to cheat to win. Go USA!!!!

      • so, you won’t root for the americans in the solheim cup because they are Koreans….u must be a Obama birther..he’s a foreigner.

      • Ozz says:

        Hey Barbara, are you going to write to the ALL the USA Colleges/Universities and tell them to hand back the championships they have won over the years by having foreign players on their teams because the foreign players cheated.

      • Alex C says:

        Now what does it takes to admit that your Country was made a mere 200 + years ago by new comers from another Continent, saying that only the native Americans were there at the arrival of the Europeans, so most of you “‘Mericans” came from somewhere else either recently or a few generations ago.
        What are the “American values” that you’re mentioning in your post, the values of respecting the opponent, the rules of the game etc. where given to us by the ancient Greeks.
        The Us iis a typical exmple of a country continuosly re-shaping, the change of immigrant influx partially determine this process, leave with that!

        Illegal immigrants are convenient to many small enterprises around the country, the hospitality industry depends on them. Hotels and restaurants would collapse without the immigrant work force (legal or illigal immigrants).
        Oh yeah why don’t you start a Tour only for American citizens members, than you’ll have it if you can find the sponsors and can work out the logystics involved.

        Alex Colombis

      • Barbara says:

        All you foreigners need to take a good look around! You’re posting on a website owned by an AMERICAN. We don’t need any of you foreigners screwing up the USA. That’s why we NEED a Republican president, not a socialist fascist like Obama. Republican presidents put America and Americans FIRST and the rest of the world second.

      • Ozz says:

        Barbara, us Foreigners are coming to take you over. Have a read of last years (8/2011) report into foreign ownership of US Assets. We’re coming……..

      • Barbara says:

        Not if the Republican party has anything to say about it. Can’t blame all you foreigners though. If your own countries were as great as the USA, you wouldn’t be coming here to the USA! But we all know your countries SUCK and the USA RULES!!!!

        USA! USA!!!

      • Ozz says:

        No one is going to the USA, it’s investing and taking the money profits off-shore so nothing is returned. if the USA was so great, why did so many people lose their houses and sadley end up on tyhe street or caravans and tents.

        It’s been going on for decades, so it does not matter which party is in government, their only in it for themselves, not the people.

  7. Alex C says:

    In fact I for one (I don’t live in the US) I couldn’t care less for your opinion, but the fascist here is you, the problem is you don’t even know what it means.

  8. Panjang Dan Lurus says:

    Barbara – Can’t have your cake and eat it too….

    “Barbara is a female given name used in numerous languages. It is the feminine form of the Greek word barbaros (Greek: βαρβαρος) meaning “foreign.”

    Looks like every time you look in mirror you see another foreigner!

    Please take your babbling BS and GO AWAY!

  9. Frank Michaels says:

    That LPGA Legends event pays pretty good for top 5…are these specialty events or is this a tour like the men’s senior, with a full calender of events…??

  10. Ozz says:

    Frank, it’s not a full calender of events, but they are increasing as each year goes by. As well, they do get a lot of spectators at the events.

    Here’s the Official website:

    • Frank Michaels says:


      • bocajr says:

        frank, most of the events are one day deals with a pro am day, except for Innisbrook in November which is 2 days of stroke play for about 250K….usually 25 to 40 players with last place money of 3k.

      • Frank Michaels says:

        I went to the site. Rosie Jones is making some bank playing in these things. What a GREAT retirement, per se…!! Do you guys caddy for these players or do they use club memebers…??

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