Roku Rocks and Other Things

Bought a Ruku HD the other day. Looks like a super streaming device but the wi-fi extender won’t hold the connection so I ordered my own internet service from Cable One.

OMG! Dropped in to Cox’s Barber Shop for a cut and wound-up in the chair of the new guy, Phil. He did a good job but milked it for much longer than necessary. The shop was empty so I guess the opportunity to exchange life stories seemed irresistible. My new buddy just arrived from Pennsylvania with his two children to take care of his dad. See where this is going?  One of his passions is classic cars. So enthusiastic was he, a legitimate attempt  to convert me to a gear-head – while I was being held captive by Phil Scissorhands – was made. Eye-to-eye, I stopped him dead with that idea but he continued on to other subjects. May have to explore my options next time I need a trim.

Hurricane warning! Isaac may be heading our way. Oh s–t!

On a sad note: Former LPGA caddie Chuck Hoersch passed away on July 21st. A memorial will be on August 25th in Chicago. Click here to view Chuck’s memorial website.

Last week’s news: On Saturday at the Safeway, one looper got so upset with his player that he dropped the bag, took off his bib, and started walking back to the barn.  After getting part way back, he realized he had left his cell phone and keys in the golf bag.  He retreated, apologized, and finished the round.  Luckily, there was a slight delay so the player’s dad (who was called into action) did not have to carry the bag for the rest of the round. Not sure but I think it was the third hole after starting on the back nine. His player had birdied the first three to start the tournament but would eventually miss the cut.

Then there was this:

AJ Eathorne reprises caddie role at Canadian Women’s Open

Willes: Not yet 15, golf sensation Brooke Henderson is mixing with her heroes

Lab tech parties with escaped monkeys – With his pants down no less!

14 Responses to Roku Rocks and Other Things

  1. Ozz says:

    Larry, I’ve tried twice to access Chucks memorial website, but it just hangs then eventually times out.

    Sorry, to hear of Chucks passing. I can’t say I knew him that well, but I did find him to be one of a kind.

  2. rich says:

    Oh geez, its the Canadian Open this weekend. We get to watch numerous Canadians who have no chance of winning at least Judy is on the coverage.

    (I don’t have anything against Canadians but watching and hearing about a number of them-15? most of whom have no chance of winning is as bad as getting Tiger coverage when he is way behind on a Sunday.)

  3. Ozz says:

    Rich, you can keep a eye on Lydia Ko in winning, and she’s only 15.

    • Panjang Dan Lurus says:

      Careful Ozz! You’ll get Barbara all worked up again.

      Damn cute little New Zealander is not only gonna make the cut – she’s currently at the top of the leaderboard!

      Go Lydia!!! Bring tears to Barbara’s eyes!

    • rich says:

      I follow the LPGA reasonably close and to be honest I had never heard of Ko. I liked Suzanne’s quote “It feels like you’re being beaten by a kid,” Pettersen said about Ko”. Well she is a kid 🙂

      Lets see, 15 Canadians in the tournament (>10% of the field) and a whopping 1 made the cut.

      Another weak tournament by Paula. Seems like a lack of confidence. Lewis has blown passed her by a large margin.

      So much for Wie playing better. Maybe last week her parents weren’t around? Probably not very likely.

      • Frank Michaels says:

        I, for one. am tired of all this “Wie Anticipation” nonsesnse. I never liked her as a player, never will. Yet the golf media continues to wait for her “dominance” to emerge. It won’t. Get over it.
        Creamer, Kerr, Stanford. Pressel, are getting powered too…

  4. Ozz says:

    I saw her play in the professional tournament in Sydney in which she won. She’s World #1 female amateur and can handle what comes her way, including Barbara.

  5. Ozz says:

    Yahoo!!! Lydia Ko won the Canadian Women’s Open. Barbara, another foreigner wins an LPGA tournament, and the youngest at that.

    By the way Barbara, bad luck about Lance Armstrong losing ALL his Titles – You know the answer why, don’t you!

    • Panjang Dan Lurus says:

      Hey Barbara, this little 15 year old, Korean born, New Zealander may speak English better than you!

      • Ozz says:

        PDL, thanks for posting the video. Just shows how grounded and mature Lydia is for her age, not a spoilt brat like MW.

        Silence is golden from one particular person…..

      • Frank Michaels says:

        Oz…I thought the same thing about Ko…mature, level-headed, appreciative…not like MW…her interviews were ridculous…” my drives were awsome today~~!!”…” you know, i really like, you know, the greens, like, you know, they are fast and, you know, like, rolling good, you know…”

  6. Lance Armstrong is Korean????

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