It Ain’t Over Till…

One of the very last feeder bands spawned by Isaac turned into a bit of a scare. My place was hit by a micro-burst or small tornado around 3:30 PM. The place shook pretty good. One of the dogs was thrown into the pasture and some siding tore loose and disappeared.

My landlord was coming up the driveway in her big pickup at the time. It has a camper top on the back but no longer has a rear window . The wind ripped it off.

The creek on the way to the main road is flooded. Only a few inches deep but about a hundred yards in length. No chance of getting swept away but might be a tad dicey keeping it in the fairway at night.

Even though we go back to work tomorrow, I wonder if there will be any play?

Ten there was this:

LPGA Classic: Management shakeup at Navistar won’t affect this year’s event – Sounds like the party’s over.

Hetherington gives back to the kids


6 Responses to It Ain’t Over Till…

  1. Pnajang Dan Lurus says:

    Anyone in the know:

    Is the course the lady’s are on this week a relatively tough test or are we looking at a birdie fest?

    Is there more than one track at Kingsmill?

  2. Cougar says:

    There are others more qualified to answer, but I will take a shot. The course can play very tough, especially if the wind blows. Errant shots can lead to difficult positions, even just off the greens. Like many championship courses, downhill putts can be killers on several greens.

    Three tracks are in the complex. Several holes of one course are within the boundaries of the championship course, and a player was penalized one year for practicing on that course during the tournament.

  3. Cougar says:

    Greens are soft and slow, so there could be some low scores this week.

  4. Cougar says:

    Because there were only 28 groups in the pro-am today, they allowed the players to have an E9 before and after the pro-am today. Mike Whan played with Lexi Thompson. Paula Creamer’s group won by matching scorecards with three others.

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