Kingsmill Mishaps

Double trouble: Hall of Famer Juli Inkster shanked the ball OB both rounds with her tee shot on the par three second and missed the cut by a single stroke.

Thanks for comin’: Jennie Lee was DQ’d as she left the scoring trailer on the ninth hole. She was about five feet past the steps when the lady in the trailer came out and told her she didn’t sign her card. After she went back in, another player in her group noticed what had happened and the officials were called. Since she had left the designated scoring area (as defined by the end of the steps), she couldn’t correct her error.


30 Responses to Kingsmill Mishaps

  1. Ozz says:

    Where was Jennie’s caddie! We’re caddies allowed or is there not enough room in the scoring trailor for caddies as well?

    Lesson learnt the hard way unfortuntely.

    • Book'em Danno says:

      What are you saying? Stand outside (or in ) the porta-john and make sure your player wiped herslf? Come on MAN!! Quit babysitting your player!!

      • Ozz says:

        I bet you wouldn’t say that if your player was leading or in contention and did that. Your protecting your percentage investment.

      • bocajr says:

        most caddies these days go into the scoring area with their player to make sure the card is correct. Isn’t it part of your job? Even with hand held scoring devices these days, errors can be made plus some players just can’t count period. Danno, maybe in your day you went into the porta potty with your player but thats a situation only you would

      • bernie says:

        got to agree with Book’em, it’s the player’s responsibility. It’s like a caddy leaving the tournament site without his paycheck.

      • Book'em Danno says:

        Thanks Bernie. Too much hand holding. Reminds me of Wie’s parents moving in down the street from the Stanford campus. Grow up girls! Take responsibility. Another way play is slowed down is all this alignment stuff. And excessive and overblown caddie/player raport on club selection. Endless talk and no deciciveness. Also, what’s with Kelli K golf analysis? Way too much smugness coming thru the screen….and a long, empty sing song about Aza’s caddie, as if he were somehow the second coming. Come on GIRL! Give us Kay Cockerill and meaningful golf insight like Crafter and Rankin.

      • Frank Michaels says:

        Book’em: you;re not kidding about Kellie K…she adds nothing to the broadcast. She pretty much said the same thing about every player. The GC may be shopping around for a color announcer or on-course announcer and she’s being auditioned…?? I know Matt Kucher did some TV for them recently. I like Pepper, Rankin, Crafter, Cockerill, and that other woman that has been around forever, I forget her name.

  2. J Wake says:

    Ultimately it’s the player’s responsibility, and I’m amazed how often this happens. Don’t the scoring officials normally check the cards before they let the players leave? At least the other players in the trailer knew the rule.

    • bocajr says:

      if a player hands her card to the scoring person and leaves the area quickly, its not the volunteers job to check the card for signatures, just the score on card usually

      • LoJo says:

        I’ve scored at USGA events and the first thing we do is look to see if the card is signed and attested. We even put a check mark next to the signatures to confirm. No one wants a player to be DQ’ed because of a failure to sign a card. “Volunteers” job is to make sure there are scores in every box….total the numbers….and check that the card is signed. Some players who may have not have had a good round will flip the card to you and pay no further attention, or leave or get distracted in some way. It is not the scoring committee’s responsibility to baby sit stupidity.

      • Book'em Danno says:

        Unsigned scorecards are “normally” turned in by pissed off players “wishing” to be DQ’ed after a not so great round. Generally done before the cut and keeps a bad score out of the paper. Also saves getting a reprimand from officials if they simply “quit.” Does nobody but Bernie and I think these players are babied too much. They’d be laughed off the men’s tour.

  3. Tommy G says:

    Actually I remember < I think it was in Nashville, that we were about to Tee Off but had to wait for Dano and Nina to finish whatever they were doing in the Porto John………..J E T S J E T S J E T S ……….Dano!

  4. rich says:

    Any hope that play will ever speed up on the tour? The amount of time they take on routine shots is maddening. Even with the DVR I can speed through 90+ seconds just for a routine putt.

    Would be nice to see a final threesome of Creamer, Munoz and Mozo.

  5. bocajr says:

    To the Lady who worked in the scoring trailer. If a player hands you her card and walks out of the tent or trailer its too late if she hasn’t signed the card. The LPGA has a white line outside the tents aka out of bounds that signifies that once you get outside that area you are DQ’d..remember Wie in Springfield a few yrs back. The scoring person in the tent can’t tally and check 3 players cards by the time the player has left the area. The second person in the scoring area usually checks the card a second time…some weeks the scoring people can’t add very fast as well, so its quite possible for a player to leave the tent without signing. The players are babied because they have the power on the LPGA tour, there are very few really good jobs out there so is you have one you will do anything to keep that job, any caddy on here or has caddied should identify with that statement. Slow play will not go away, it starts with the junior ranks and filters right on thru to the pro’s……now they have a timing policy where if you are timed on a hole and have a plus one, meaning you were 1 second over your alotted time its a 500 fine, next is 1000 and then 1500 and 2000 per occurrence..utterly stupid..thats not per tournament but for the year..and has done nothing to speed up play. I hope they eliminate caddies from standing behind, side, front of their player to line them up…the usga refuses to change the rule, its not an lpga decision unless they would make it a local rule each week.

  6. Ozz says:

    And another foreigner wins on the LPGA. Shin beating Creamer in a playoff at Kingsmill.

    C’mon….bring out the barbs,,

  7. rich says:

    While I watch golf I’m hardly a rules person or historian of the game so take this for what it is worth but HOW can you change the rules of a playoff after playing it?

    How can you say the playoff is hole 18 one day and then the next day decide to play 16,17, and 18? Please don’t take this as any kind of excuse for Paula or anything but I just don’t understand how you change the rules even if the players agree to it.

    Did I miss something?

    • bocajr says:

      all playoffs don’t just play 18 over and over…I don’t have the local rules sheet since I missed the cut and don’t keep those things but i’m guessing the players had to agree to the rotation of holes or that there was something on the rules sheet that stated the order of holes for the playoff. By the way Dan, if you were caddying for Nina and she didn’t sign her card on a saturday or sunday how would you feel knowing you could have prevented it..did you keep your players score on your pin sheet or where you like Lane and had no idea what your player shot that day? How could you ever want to have Kay Cockerill back on LPGA golf, wow, that was a great wedge from 90 yds 25 feet below the hole! what insight and

      • Book'em Danno says:

        Your’re right Boca. I’d much rather hear Kelli gush how Ava’s caddie is one of my BFF best friends on tour. That’s real insight into the goings on in championship golf!!

      • bocajr says:

        hey danno, you still voting for Obama this…I believe Kelli was auditioning which with her keen insight( hasn’t been around the lpga for maybe 5 years) and doesn’t know probably 50% of the players makes her highly qualified.

    • Panjang Dan Lurus says:

      Had to do something rich or they could still be there playing #18. Also they needed to get on an airplane and get to the UK ASAP for the British Open.

    • Book'em Danno says:

      I’m definely voting Obama to cancel out Boca and Life on Tour’s vote for Condi. Now that was a great National Security Director!
      Am I the only one who’s noticed that Wie has only made TWO cuts this year. And her parents are grinning over all the additional no cut events to finish the year.

      • bocajr says:

        actually wie has made 3 cuts in the domestic tour full field events..waterloo, us open and portland…thats 3 for 11 in full field events.great year!

  8. Ozz says:

    Straight off the press October issue of Australian Golf Digest, that the first tournament for the 2013 LPGA Tour will be the ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open at Royal Canberra GC in February.

    C’mon down!!

    • Ozz says:

      By the way, there are plenty of kangaroos on the Royal Canberra layout. So maybe the girls will get to see what Rory Sabbatini saw when he played in the 2007 Australian PGA Cship and get a bit excited.

      • Panjang Dan Lurus says:

        Difficult to type – Still on floor laughing – Couldn’t have happened to a “nicer” guy – Thanks Ozz, you’ve made my whole day!

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