Hey Barb, More Fuel On The Fire?

This was passed along by a third party: On Sunday in Prattville, Jennie Lee hit her second shot into the hazard on the par five seventeenth hole. The marshal found the ball and said it did not carry over the red hazard line but she said it did. Jennie was 150-175 yards away at the time but insisted she saw it carry the hazard and bounce back in. A rules official was called and, given the adamant testimony of the marshal that the ball did not carry the red line, refused to let her drop over the hazard. A second official was called (on Jennie’s request I presume and within her rights) and reversed the decision. Jennie got to drop where she wished. From what I understand, the another player in the group wasn’t very happy with the reversal but decided not to object.

I was told Jennie was involved in another altercation in the past concerning a rules violation. That sounds very familiar.

Then there was this:

‘It’s an amazing event’: Future of golf tournament uncertain amid success – Lee Ann Walker-Cooper; Carri Wood;Michelle Dobek;Kim Williams;Sue Ginter;Audra Burks;Kim Welch were included in the field. Does anyone know who these folks are besides me?

LPGA Golf Pro Diana D’Alessio and Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Ryder Cup: Scots caddies with a major role to play

Dori Carter Keeps LPGA Card for 2013 Season – Ole Miss

Terry-Jo Myers training, enjoying golf again


30 Responses to Hey Barb, More Fuel On The Fire?

  1. bocajr says:

    Larry, a caddie in Daytona Beach was told by a caddie in the Jennie Lee group that not only did she drop on the wrong side but didn’t have a penalty shot..and made par. How does Beau our official allow her to take a drop from a hazzard with no penalty( Billy Pratt was in the group)..wow..there must be more to the story

  2. carl says:

    Hey bocajr: She had to have cheated, she’s fireign. Just ask Barb.

    • Panjang Dan Lurus says:

      She’s AMERICAN – See the little American flag beside her name on the LPGA website?

      You probably won’t hear from Barbara (foreign woman) on this one, as it appears one of her darling AMERICANS has been accused of CHEATING!

    • Barbara says:

      Yep, Jennie was BORN in Korea.

      She learned how to cheat from an early age. It’s in her culture and heritage.

      Only LPGA players BORN IN THE US have integrity and don’t need to cheat!


      • Panjang Dan Lurus says:

        Barbara, Since you clearly don’t understand the meaning of cheating or trying to cheat, please review the grand display of BORN IN THE USA “integrity” in following video.

      • Barbara says:

        Wie’s parents were BORN in South Korea and trained her to think like a KOREAN. Duh!!!!!

      • babwa, we koreans don’t claim Mishele Wie , she a american and playing like mosta americans..rousy!! If she wer true korean she would be numba 1……she a donta chreat enuf to be a true korean….win ata alla cost!!

  3. Cougar says:

    She played on the U.S. Curtis Cup team, even though she was born in Korea.

    • LoJo says:

      Foreign born players are eligible for US Curtis Cup so long as they are naturalized US Citizens. Alison Walshe (Irish born) also played CC.

  4. bocajr says:

    anyone look at Michelle Wie’s stats for the year. She made 3 of 13 cuts in Domestic events, 47 rounds and only 10 subpar rounds..a 74.09 scoring average and yet she is 10th in Solheim points..wow…what does that say about making the USA solheim team?

    • Frank Michaels says:

      the selection sytem sucks…??

      • Book'em Danno says:

        The system DOES suck. Sub-par players like Wie get most of their points in NoCut Tournaments. Make them earn them in full field events.

      • Book'em Danno says:

        Also quit counting stuff from 2011 for 2013 Solheim. Makes no sense!

    • Jon says:

      It’s not a fault with the Solheim selection process. Wie’s Solheim position reflected the poor performance of Americans in professional golf She’s ranked 53rd in the Rolex Rankings but that is 9th among Americans. Of the top 15 in US Solheim points, eight have one win or no wins on the LPGA. The Americans simply are not very good.

  5. Ozzy says:

    Bocajr, Also gives insight to why americans are not winning on tour.

  6. Red Zone says:

    Fired and rehired, that is what went on with David S. who worked for Cindy LaCrosse. Veterean tour caddy Ralph got the job, he was fired before the Asian swing. David is back in the saddle again and on his way to the far east. Another late inning firing is Aaron who worked for Lizette Salas for the year. He will not be going to Asia.
    One never knows does one.

    • Frank Michaels says:

      As pro caddies, do you guys think its harder working for a female rather than a male, at the pro level…?? it seems these women got into a golf funk, and blame everyone but themselves…

      • bocajr says:

        frank, you don’t see Tiger pulling tampons out of his bag once a month do you? Guys hit a bad shot and own up to it, woman can’t hit the shots guys can do escape trouble and have superior short games…and besides, they are women..lol

  7. Ozzy says:

    I guess Barb will be telling us that the Europeans must have cheated to beat the USA in the Ryder Cup on home soil.

  8. Panjang Dan Lurus says:

    Absolutely agree with Book’em – points for full filed events and only count current events – not yesteryear’s memories.

  9. inside the ropes says:

    Well Red Zone [ doubt if you have every seen it ,the Red Zone] Before you write a obituary about Ralph or another poor soul get facts correct!Was Dave fired or Ralph’s employment in Asia? Ralph was helping Cindy for a week, and discussions about Asia were mention ! But he wasn’t fired !!!! As far as I know [ which sometimes isn’t alot] . Juli or Cindy you make the choice!!!!!

  10. half foreign, but only 2 Asian
    1. Esther Choe of Scottsdale, Ariz., $55,690;
    2. Paola Moreno of Cali, Colombia, $50,908;
    3. Victoria Elizabeth of Dayton, Ohio, $46,565;
    4. Thidapa Suwannapura of Bangkok, Thailand, $42,884;
    5. Daniela Iacobelli of Viera, Fla., $41,049;
    6. Mi Hyang Lee of Incheon, South Korea, $40,882;
    7. Jenny Gleason of Clearwater, Fla., $38,741;
    8. Julia Boland of Tamworth, NSW, Australia, $38,447;
    9. Nicole Smith of Riverside, Calif., $38,004;
    10. Sara Maude-Juneau of Quebec, Canada, $37,632.

  11. scraper says:

    i love asianjackiechan

    • ah scraper san. me ruv u wrong time! I will sent u the list of next great asian teenagers coming to america..and forward one to babwa…koreans rule!! New korean golf rules book coming out, only one page…

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