The Debate

I did not watch it but according to the Internet reports, especially from Democrats, Obama was taken to the woodshed. So, it was no surprise to hear this comment on a national radio/TV show this morning regarding the onslaught.

"Romney brought the MMA (mixed martial arts fighters) and Obama brought the LPGA."

They say any publicity is good publicity but in this case…


One Response to The Debate

  1. Mike Troublefield says:

    End Of Another Year On Tour

    It seems as if my year on tour ended a little early this year and it did. Last season I was on the Asian swing, which I found very enjoyable. I regained the weight I lost when I got food poisoning in Thailand. I am now sitting in Dulles airport waiting for a flight home to. That sounds funny home, I have been on the road for 14 years now living the dream. Believe me it is a dream, i will be back in Tucson soon, seeing old friends and back to the grind of country club caddying. Over all I had a good season, I can’t say great but good.

    I just worked for Peter Tomasulo at TPC Avenel on the tour. We made the cut and played golf this weekend in frigid weather. Peter is a friend of mine, I can say that with not doubt. we had a talk this week and i only expressed some things to him I normally would not express to many players. He won a tournament in Indiana with my buddy Roosevelt on the bag. Sometimes we lose perspective about where we are in life. This week Peter and I learned some things about each other. I think we decided that golf dont’t like angry. Get mad and get over it. You cannot go back and replay a hole, only improve on it the next day or try your best.

    Hopefully I will get a job at finals LPGA q school and start all over again. I don’t know how many more years I can go. The old ankle injury isn’t any better and my years in life are piling up on me. Lord knows I love to travel and caddy. I have had alot of jobs in my life this is one the best jobs I have had. I have put the years in and will continue for a while if I can. If not, I will go on into the next chapter of my life. I have done what alot of caddies have never done, I have worked for a player who has won a golf tournament. I have helped players learn about themselves and thru players I have learned about myself. Just think I have a chance next year to win another golf tournament with a player and see parts of the world I have never seen. Maybe multiple tournaments.

    So if there is a manager reading this or player and you are in need of a caddy, think of me. Don’t pass judgement because of the way I walk or the color of my skin. Let’s travel the world together and continue to live this dream.

    Well it’s time to get down the road. To all the players that have hired me this year thank you. To all my caddy friends and caddy foes and bros caddy hard and caddy smart as my friend Ham says in Tucson.

    Country Club Mike Troublefied

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