Passing Of A Good Man

LPGA Rules Official Doug Brecht lost his courageous battle against the West Nile Virus yesterday evening and passed peacefully with his loved ones close by.

Deepest condolences go out to his wife Stephanie, their family and his vast extended LPGA family cultivated over his long tenor on Tour. He will be missed.

If you have a anecdote or two (I’m sure there are many) about your interaction with Doug, please pass them along.

R.I.P. Doug.

Golf Channel newsfeed: LPGA Rules Official Dies from West Nile Virus

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5 Responses to Passing Of A Good Man

  1. Doug ruled on a controversial call involving the player I was caddying for at Q School finals last year. He couldn’t have been more thorough or more fair in his decision… a real professional.
    I got the chance to talk with him several times at other events. He was a great guy. My sympathies to his family and all of his many friends at the LPGA and the golf world.

  2. Cougar says:

    I have seen him give several rulings over the years. He was always thorough and explained all of the options available to the player. I remember one from last year, where it seemed like he went out of his way to give the player the benefit of the doubt when nobody saw where a ball entered a lateral water hazard. He gave a very favorable ruling to the player for where to drop.

    He always said hi whenever I saw him on the golf course. His sense of humor was unique, and I will miss him.

  3. Ozz says:

    A very sad day with the loss of Doug Brecht, all due to a mesquito bite that translated into the West Nile Virus.

    As already said, Doug was very fair with his rulings. Never pre-judged the player when a ruling was called for. Always listened and took into account the facts, the probablilities and the questions by player/caddie no matter what knowledge they had or didn’t have of the rules of golf. As Cougar said, Doug had a unique sense of humour.

    I call Doug a good Friend and will be sadly missed.

  4. Lori B. says:

    As an LPGA volunteer at the Jamie Farr Classic, I always looked forward to Doug leading training on the rules, etc. I followed him into the meeting this year, noting how tired he looked, not well at all. After a brief introduction, he turned the meeting over to others and mentioned he thought he had the flu and was heading back to his hotel room to rest up. We will miss seeing him at LPGA events and I know the man is probably irreplaceable. Condolences to his family.

  5. Worth Blackwelder says:

    I have known Doug since he arrived on tour in late 80’s early 90’s. There is a lot to be said for a true professional that never wes “grey” on his rulings. It was all black and white, right or wrong. I will miss Doug, and my prayers have been with him since he became ill. God bless Stephanie and the rest of the family in this time of grieving.

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