On The Edge

It takes a lot to get me riled. Time to count to ten and explore my options.

Then there was this:

Webb disappointed at Ladies Masters slide

Young golfer sees family ties with Tiger Woods as ‘blessing’

Davies Making Legends Tour Debut at Innisbrook


16 Responses to On The Edge

  1. bocajr says:

    did someone tell LD that if she wins this legends major she gets in the lpga hall of fame..lol…why would she waste her time for 4,000 dollars, thats 5 minutes on the roulette table for her.

  2. DaVinner says:

    What’s got you in a dither?

  3. bocajr says:

    FYI, another lpga blunder, letting Tanya Dergal and her 2774$ in 13 events get a sponsors invite into Lorenas event thereby getting her into the CME event. wow…the money in Lorenas will be unofficial I assume but not sure if the CME will be official for her. Dergal playing in the CME is almost as bad as Ciganda finishing 84th on the lpga event despite not playing in any LPGA events she was eligible for. She made 18K at the US Open(qualified) and got in Evian and British based on her European status or at the least she got in British because the Evian money counted, either way that is a mockery. She was eligible for Canada, Mobile, navistar, Portland, Toledo, Kingsmill at the very least..what are they thinking!

  4. Frank Michaels says:

    What are the average expenses for a journeyman LPGA player per year…?? caddies too…you guys pay your own way, correct…??

  5. bocajr says:

    players can stay in housing set up by the tournament each week and take local caddies to save money…its hard to drive anymore so guessing expenses is hard for players. The average caddie will pay 300-500 for hotel each week split in half with a roomie and food can run 15 to 30 a day or more depending on the alcohol intake..lol…top players will pay for a caddies airfare as well. With the lack of events any player who makes less than 100k is a journeyman player. After taxes, caddie fees, hotels and travel exp a player makes very little.

    • Frank Michaels says:

      What a tough way to make a living. For both caddy and player. Guess the ‘glamour’ part of pro golf really isn’t all that glamourous.

  6. bocajr says:

    its a little easier on the pga tour where over 100 players make 1 million and 800K loses their card..caddies obviously make a ton of % money on that tour. 100th on lpga money list is 48K

  7. Panjang Dan Lurus says:

    Catriona Matthew must really like that Asian time zone! She has been playing really well of late. Another “foreigner” in yet another “foreign” country could be a contender for the second consecutive week…

    Go Catriona! Bring tears to Barbara’s eyes….

  8. Ozz says:

    I suppose in Barbara’s eyes Lance Armstrong is a foreigner. lol…

  9. lawyergolfer says:

    wow, finally saw Michelle Wie on tv…..spraying champagne on someone else..oh well Halloween is coming soon, maybe she can imitate a pro golfer….what a tour!

  10. lawyergolfer says:

    maybe if she played better she could afford champagne and not Miller High Life

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