Complete Erection Coverage

I listen to the Don Imus show – on 77WABC Radio out of New York – in the morning. The promo (done by a professional announcer) for their election coverage twice uses the word “erection” instead of “election”. No mistaking, it’s clear as a bell. That can’t be just an error.

Imus himself purposely uses this phallocentric substitute to get a rise (so to speak) out of his guests during interviews. His humor must have rubbed off. There I go again.

I love tech but to me, it’s just a tool to improve your life. For some folks though, Apple vs. everything else is like the feud tween the Hatfields and McCoys. So when I come across something to tweak the backsides of the Apple fanboys, I just have to share. Click the link below and enjoy this Jimmy Kimmel production.

Then there was this:

Nancy Lopez keeps Handa Cup in U.S. possession– I might have driven over with a little advance notice. Oh well.

Handa Cup may come back to Reunion next year

A call to action for women’s golf in South Africa

Naval Academy Elevates Women’s Golf to a Varsity Sport

On a sad note: Newsome’s Tyler Bakich gets fighting spirit from mom (Colleen Walker) – So sorry to here about Colleen. I never had the pleasure to caddie for her. A classy lady if there ever was one.

Donald Trump’s Plans For Miami Doral Golf Resort – Business Insider

Wiser Daly learns to pick his poison


One Response to Complete Erection Coverage

  1. Bruce Lamdin says:

    Nice of you to remember the Legends on your site. I worked for Lopez, and it was a little of the old Lopez as she finished par-birdie-par to clinch the cup for the U.S.Four legend caddies were employed-Ralph,jay,Motorcycle,and yours truly the Star. Stay well.We are off to Innisbrook.

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