Fact or Fairytale?

The following tale may rank among other fictional fantasies such as The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and alien abductions (we all know that one is true though) but news from the front has been nonexistent and I find the urge to write something undeniable. The grapevine has it like this.

Once upon a time, many moons ago, Patricio Rápido (an alias, duh), caddied on the LPGA and due to conduct unbecoming (no one remembers exactly what) was issued a lifetime ban from the Tour. It was rumored that Patricio bounced around other golf tours but eventually surfaced this year out west and snagged a loop in the LPGA Phoenix event.

Patricio was spotted by an official and, given the ban was never lifted, not allowed to complete his caddie duties for the week. Wishing to remain in his lofty position of club-toter on the ladies tour, his only recourse was an appeal. After a sit-down with the Grand Poobah himself, the request for clemency was denied and his ostracization remained in place.

Not to stand idly by and take it in the shorts, Patricio attained the services of an officer of the court and sued. 118,935,000 pesos (that’s nine million American depending on the exchange rate) is his asking price to let bygones be bygones. The Tour has countered with an offer of a  measly 200K. Either way, it looks like Patricio is in the driver’s seat and there’s no shortage of petrol where he’s headed.

To be continued…

Then there was this:

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7 Responses to Fact or Fairytale?

  1. DFL-Nice guys finish where? says:

    It pays to be a Thief!!!

  2. ahh Rarry, pat the thief may be smartest raddy ever , he maka moolah for being thief and absentee daddy.

  3. Rarry, heard this from caddie on lpga tour ” once yu go asian u never go caucasion”….lol

  4. Tommy G says:

    Asian Man….
    The thief has a beautifal daughter .

  5. tommysan, has she righted the ship. very troubled as a youngster, and pat doesn’t admit its his anyway

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