Just A Tad Early

Was driving home and punched a random button on the radio. “99.9 FM, your Christmas station.” it proclaimed followed by a litany of yuletide tunes. Please god, let it be a dream.

Great comeback by Wie. She’s still got it folks. Winking smile

Crying face Heard the gallery was next to nothing for the final two groups yesterday. So sad.

Then there was this:

This article nails it.  LPGA Championship’s future in Rochester uncertain after this year“Everything has a useful life and maybe this is what we’ve seen, the useful life of this tournament. That could be the case.” – That doesn’t sound very optimistic.

Tweet by Beth Ann Baldry of Golfweek – LPGA hoped to start 2013 season in South Florida but looks like that event fell through. Australian Open will again be the opener.

Doofus lives: Tom Hanson: LPGA Tour high on talent, low on rivalries

13 Responses to Just A Tad Early

  1. Cougar says:

    How many rumors have we heard in the last few years about new tournaments? I heard another one today, which sort of reinforced what I heard earlier from another source. I’ll believe it when the schedule is released.

  2. Cougar says:

    A couple told me today that they saw “twin eagles” by Danielle Kang today. Was that even mentioned on TV?

  3. Ozz says:

    Good to see Doofus is still alive. His writings seem more matured and sensible

  4. Awsi Dooger says:

    You got bad info. Gallery was fine. I walked with the leaders from 12 to finish and the numbers were beyond my expectation. A few hundred minimum following the last group. Ai Miyazato was responsible for plenty of it. There was a big segment rooting for her and talking about her even though she was out of contention for the win.

    When I got home and watched the TV coverage on tape it did ridiculous injustice to the crowd, until the area near the 18th green. On the earlier holes it was like they chose angles to intentionally minimize the crowd.

    BTW, special mention to Belen Mozo for misreading a putt by perhaps a world record amount. She had a 60 footer on 16 yesterday and missed it nearly 40 feet left. I couldn’t believe where she was aiming. We were talking about it in the gallery. There were two ridges to maneuver but it didn’t look like either one of them would create the type of break she was allowing for. I thought perhaps she was playing for a ricochet off the grandstand. After Belen, Eun-Hee Ji in the same group had the same putt maybe 1 foot closer and aimed 2 feet left of the hole, snuggling it tight. To Belen’s credit, she laughed at herself following the flub. And she nearly drained the 40 foot second putt.

    • Awsi Dooger says:

      My mistake. Maybe you were referring to the gallery for Saturday’s round. I wasn’t there for that.

      • lifeontour says:

        It was Saturday.

        A few hundred people being beyond your expectations in the final round? WOW! At one time, there were thousands. But then again, this is the new and improved LPGA world tour. Quite an improvement.

  5. bocajr says:

    Larry, this course makes the LPGA home course look like Rochester! The course is less then a year old and the greens were as hard as rock with rediculous ridges…just a nightmare

  6. Tommy G says:

    I thought were done with doofuss…..What nut…I roomed wiith him at Stratton Mt and I really think he is mentally off.. Doofuss that s a good name ..The players (I think it was Patty Sheenan) That gave hin the name doofues…. Ita pretty Bad when the players think the name doofus fits…………Good bye Doofuss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. bocajr says:

    new events in florida and bahamas for next year fell thru…as usual. may be new event in LA so west coast would be phx, sd,la, dinah….maybe

  8. Frank Michaels says:

    Well, the LPGA did produce 11 millionaires and have 16 players pocket over 500 grand. That was just “official earnings”. Not chump change by any measure. Can and will the tour survive without American players rising up. Who knows. I hope it does. I like the level of play regardless of nationality. I think there was a split between Asian ( Korean) and Amercian victories at 8 each. Throw in the Japanese and Tseng, and the Asians dominated. Its sort of like black guys in the NFL and NBA…they just play better…

  9. Panjang Dan Lurus says:

    Easy there Frank, albeit yer intentions are modestly assuming – yer packing Barbara’s muzzle with that fine grain, quick -burn, black powder and she’s labile to go off like a billy goats pecker in a herd of nannies 😉

    Throw in the fact that the Koreans are now “paying” the young American girls to learn to play better so they have some competition and Barbara (foreign woman) might very well blow a head gasket 🙂

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