Black Friday

It’s almost here. Any brave souls doing the shopping thing this year and for what?

Jimmy Kimmel has a heart warming take on this extremely altruistic and magnanimous phenomenon.

Then there was this:

Notes: Paul Azinger Began Belly-Putter Craze by Accident

Notebook: Life very tough for players not among elite group on LPGA Tour


4 Responses to Black Friday

  1. Bookem Danno says:

    Is the Rotary Club still involved in the Rochester tournament? No mention of them in the article. They sold thousands and thousands of tickets, and they were the primary reason the tournament was / is a big success. Not to mention the fabulous red and white hots! And great steak sandwiches! And an easy to walk / view compact golf course, offering both challenges and opportunities! And an outstanding bowling extravaganza!

    • Frank Michaels says:

      those Texas Red Hots are the best dogs around…that ‘snap’ when you bite into them is a sign of a good dog…

    • bocajr says:

      don’t think the rotarians are still involved Danno, they used to have concession stands with gone…all corporate now…course is not fit for a major…they have moved all the tee’s back which just limits the number of winners…made the rough too penal, once again the long hitters can wedge it on the green while the average length player has to wedge out 50 yds….there are so many other good courses within 15 minutes of locust hill, it should be rotated but it won’t matter as the event will be done after next year.

  2. Tommy G says:

    Are you saying that the LPGA will cease to be a major and be replaced by Evain as the 4 th Major,,,That would be a shame but I could have seen it coming…Or do you have another senerio?

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