The Day After

Nothing pressing on my plate to buy so I passed on the Black Friday mayhem.

As I was closing the door to the microwave to warm up a spud, a fly flew in. Not about to forego this unique opportunity for experimentation, I set it to reheat and let it run its course. The fly didn’t survive but the spud was just right. No, I didn’t eat the fly.

The first victim of Obamacare rationing: Peace, turkey pardoned by President Obama last Thanksgiving, euthanized

Then there was this:

Excavation at USF golf course uncovers Indian artifacts

Ron Sirak: Settling In For A Long Fight: Golf Digest

LPGA legends gather for charity, friendship | The News-Press | news

Tax increases could factor in MLB negotiations – Another Obamanation workaround.


5 Responses to The Day After

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Not to talk politics, but isn’t it amazing how liberals cry for tax increases, then do anything NOT to pay them…

  2. Ozzy says:

    I know the meaning was explained to me many many years ago, but what is “Black Friday” all about?

  3. the lpga has a red friday every week

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